A long post, to tax your patience.

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I’ve received a couple responses and clarifications regarding my flexidisc post a couple days back:

Graeme McMillan tells me that the M flexidisc is definitely music, not a reading of the comic (by the way, here’s the link to the part of Cat Yronwode’s site where I got my info…I forget to link it in the previous post).

Bill informs me that he believed a flexi came with an issue of Rip Off Press’ Miami Mice…and sure enough, a quick check through the vast Mikester Comic Archives (okay, really, I just looked in the Rip Off Press box at work) tells me that issue 3 of that series did indeed come with a flexidisc, featuring the Miami Mice theme song. Miami Mice, actually, was one of the better (well, less offensive) results of the 1980s “we want some of that Mutant Turtles money too!” black and white boom. It was by Mark Bode, so the art, while a little on the rough side, still had some appeal.

Pal Self mentions the flexi that came with the Bloom County book Billy and the Boingers Bootleg…I still think that’s a little out of the purview of this informal survey, but it probably should be noted. The program manager at a college radio station I was doing a little deejaying on at the time was forced to hide the carts on which the two songs from this flexi were recorded — they were being played too often!

In other news:

  • A quick search through Diamond Previews informs me that Antarctic Press is publishing a Hitler comic, from the fella that brought us Luftwaffe 1946. Hoo boy. I’ve have enough trouble explaining Luftwaffe to people. Yes, I realize that Hitler is a valid subject for examination (otherwise we wouldn’t have the History Channel, har har), but I’m still gonna have to look at a big ol’ “HITLER” logo staring back at me from the rack.
  • New Frontier #1 — if there’s one thing I demand from a comic that features an Indian fighting a dinosaur, it’s realism.
  • Dear Marvel, please make sure 4 of the 5 Hulk titles you are currently publishing are all released to comic shops on the exact same day. That’s sure to help sales. Love, Mike.
  • The Shield is one of my absolute favorite TV shows, so I’m the target audience for the IDW comic tie-in that was released today…haven’t had a chance to do much more than glance through it yet (I’m writing this instead), but it doesn’t look too bad. The likenesses are passable, and I’ve noticed that the comic uses the word “fuck” — one of the few swear words they haven’t used on the TV show. An interview with the show’s creator Shawn Ryan is also included, as is a four-page prose story unrelated to The Shield that you’re never going to read. I was kind of hoping the interior art would look like the cover, but no dice. Ah, well.
  • Yeah, I know, none of you like Chris Claremont or John Byrne, but their run on JLA has got to be better that what we’re getting right now.
  • Every once in a while, you just gotta steal a link from Fark, so here it is: a Spider-Man Big Little Book. (But be sure to start at the beginning and look at them all. It’s a hoot!)

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