Links, memories, and a confidential note.

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1. Currently, one of the busiest threads on the Comicon message boards is the “You Go Ghoul – status?” discussion, about John Byrne‘s project for Dreamwave. It starts off with a relatively innocent question, almost immediately turns into a Byrne-bashing session (color me surprised), veers into a specific slam on Spider-Man: Chapter One, which then, inexplicably, causes someone to impugn the quality of the original Lee-Ditko Spider-Man! Yes, really. And now, at a 190+ messages later, the conversation has turned to the positive effects of Image-style art. I suggest starting at the beginning and reading all four pages, if you’ve got nothing better to do…y’know, like me.

2. My most embarrassing comic-related moment: It wasn’t until I actually worked in a comic shop that I got the joke in Ms. Tree‘s name. “Hey, can I see the Ms. Tree back issues?” “Sure, here are the Ms. Tree comi…oh, hey, Ms. Tree! ‘Mystery!’ I get it!” (Sigh. I’m normally fairly intelligent, honest.)

3. Ennis and Dillon’s Preacher is apparently still on track to maybe becoming a movie, though I can’t imagine any possible way this will make it into theatres even vaguely resembling the source material. Imagine the meeting for this: “So, what’s the conflict in this film? Who’s the bad guy?” “Well, the bad guy is God….” “Thank you, we’ll call you, please leave now.” Just picture the hoo-hah around Dogma, multiplied by 100. Especially if any protesters get their hands on the comics.

(Confidential note to A Specific LiveJournal User — Hi! I’m glad you like my site, and of course, feel free to post links you find on my site in your own journal. However, you occasionally use my exact wording from the descriptive text for the links…it’s a little irksome to see something I wrote show up in someone else’s weblog without attribution. Please try to use your own wording in the future…or put my words in quotes with a credit to my site. I mean, if I posted an entire paragraph (or even one line) of unchanged links and text from, say, Journalista without credit to Dirk Deppey, he’d be pretty steamed at me, and rightfully so.

Oh, and that obituary Mark Evanier wrote that you posted word-for-word in your journal a while back? You might want to give Mr. Evanier credit for that as well, since, without any kind of associated linkage or attribution, it gives the impression that you wrote it. Just a helpful hint.

Here’s something from Flat Earth on a related topic.)

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