More Swamp Things.

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There’s a downloadable PDF preview of the new Swamp Thing series at the DC Comics site. It’s the same thing that’s in the Vertigo Horizon freebie that shipped to stores this week, but in case you haven’t been to your local shop in a while, here it is for your convenience.

In doing a Swamp Thing Google search, I found this page, a Swamp Thing message board, though with very few messages. It does have one of those mini-versions of Swamp Thing, like the mini-superhero characters you always see all over the John Byrne Message Board. (Where the heck do those mini-hero things come from, anyway? Who’s responsible?) And no, I have no idea why the address for the board is “FanFiction.”

And this is pretty neat…a complete chronology of the Swamp Thing universe.

Okay, I’m a big Swamp Thing fan, so sue me. He’s one of my two favorite corporately-owned characters…the other being Uncle Scrooge McDuck. Yeah, I know, that makes no sense. I don’t suppose I should hold my breath for the crossover.

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