More trade thoughts.

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I was just thinking about other comics DC Comics has published in the past that would make good material for “manga-style” trades and that wouldn’t necessarily be aimed at a superhero-reading audience. How about Amethyst (at least the stories prior to the character being shoehorned into the DC Universe), or Warlord, or Jonah Hex (yes, I realize a couple of those are somewhat superheroish)? How about all those horror stories from House of Secrets or House of Mystery? (My pal Dorian champions the reprinting of “I, Vampire” in particular.) Or how about the countless romance comics?

Or, if you are going to do superheroes, how about reprinting some that might actually attract a general audience, such as Plastic Man or Captain Marvel, or my aforementioned suggestion of the comics based on the Batman Adventures cartoon? Where are the cheap digest collections of New Teen Titans or Justice League of America, now that kids are interested in these characters again? (And, as the manager of a comic store that, believe it or not, does have a large clientele of younger people, I can tell you there is demand for such a thing…the Justice League Adventures and Teen Titans Go comics do help, however.)

Or how about going the other way, sizewise? Thin, oversized hardcovers aimed at children, reprinting Mayer’s Three Mouseketeers or Sugar & Spike?

Well, anyway, it’s just a thought…with a slight undercurrent of enlightened self-interest, as I’d want a lot of these things in cheap reprint editions.

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