Swamp Things.

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Len Wein is interviewed, and not only talks briefly about the connection between his creation of Swamp Thing and Gerry Conway’s creation of Man-Thing, but also discusses writing the new Swamp Thing movie. He claims Swamp Thing will be CGI…mostly likely because the whole man in a rubber suit thing from the first film didn’t go over so well.

Swampy‘s costume was a little better in the sequel…and that sequel was either complete idiocy or utter genius. If you get your hands on the DVD, be sure to listen to director Jim Wynorski‘s very entertaining commentary.

Good luck getting the first film on DVD…due to a mother’s complaint (scroll down) the DVD has been pulled, which of course means it’s now an eBay favorite. The film itself is goofy and likeable enough, once you get past Swampy’s droopy drawers.

Never saw enough of the live-action TV show to form an opinion, though some people liked it enough to start writing fan fiction about it. And for pete’s sake, avoid the cartoon!

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