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Oh dear, they’ve made a sequel to The Mask…complete with a CGI baby. I only found out about it as I was listening to a call-in movie show on the radio (the things you’ll do for entertainment when you’re sick), and someone called in to complain that Jim Carrey wasn’t going to be in this new Mask movie. (It’s starring Jamie Kennedy.)

Sadly, we haven’t seen much of the Mask in the medium in which he/it first appeared…the last Mask comic that I remember was the Joker/Mask series from ’00. The Mask comics were fairly entertaining, the best being the initial two mini-series (the original from ’91, and The Mask Returns from ’92). Also notable was an odd mini-series starring the Mask’s mute nemesis Walter, Mask/Marshal Law, and the Lobo/Mask mini gets a guilty laugh out of me on the one page where Lobo finally puts on the Mask.

The oddest permutation of the Mask had to be Rick Geary’s children’s books!

And if you ever wanted to know who would win in a fight between the Mask and, oh, say, Freakazoid — take a look at the discussion here.

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