It’s a crime.

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This is a great site for scans of old crime comics…I hadn’t visited in a while, so imagine my surprise when I finally went to the site again and found a notice that all the comics on this site are going up on eBay!

Here’s another gallery, not quite as polished — it’s a tribute to the Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, and the Green Goblin! Aside from having colors in their names, I’m not sure what they all have in common, and this page hasn’t been updated in a couple years (having achieved perfection on August 13, 2001), but there are some neat things to be found in the nooks and crannies. (Warning…Tripod pop-ups on every page.)

Marie’s Cows is a site collecting all the cow drawings Marie Javins gathered during her Marvel Comics editing career.

However, my favorite comics gallery site is this one…comic artists drawing characters on cliffs. Or drawing things in jars. The whole darn site is fantastic.

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