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Someone on the John Byrne Message Board replied to a post linking to Time Magazine’s best comics article by saying “I’ve never heard of any of these.”

Either this person shops at the worst comic shop in the world, or this person just hasn’t been paying attention to comics or the comics industry at all. How did someone with internet access somehow miss any references to the excellent Blankets over the past year? I swear every comics website on the planet mentioned it at least once. And, for Pete’s sake, even the most myopic superhero fans know about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! And to not know about Palomar!?

I just don’t get it. It’s like the exact opposite of those comic fans who try to prove how hoity-toity they are by claiming they pay absolutely no attention to superhero comics. “What is this, how you say, ‘Super-Man’ you speak of?” Sigh.

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