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Yeah, I know, Atari Force, how good could it be, right? Well, actually, it’s darn good comic book science fiction, with light writing by Law & Order writer and Man-Thing creator Gerry Conway and spectacular art by the criminally-underused Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez…later issues were nearly as good, with writing by Nexus creator Mike Baron and art by Eduardo Barreto. Yes, they follow up on characters and situations from the comics that came prepackaged with Atari 2600 game cartridges. Plenty of strange aliens, swashbuckling Star Wars style space action, great lettering from Bob Lappan…it’s a lot of fun, and probably the best comic Conway ever wrote. (Baron’s best comic is still Nexus, but he did a good job here, too.)

Alas, in 1985 it all came to an end, after only 20 issues (and a later special with some inventory stories). This site, which has been online for about 8(!) years, covers this comic in excruciating detail.

(Look, it was either this or a discussion of “comic book ages” (you know, Golden Age, Silver Age, etc.). Consider yourself lucky.)

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