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Ah, a good day for comics. You’ve got your Prison Funnies, your Scurvy Dogs, your Zippy Annual 2003, your Plastic Man Annual, your Batman Adventures, your Hate Annual #4, your New X-Men #150, your Superfolks…lots of good reading.

Speaking of the Plastic Man Annual…is Plastic Man’s origin story one of the most reprinted Golden Age stories or what? I think I must have it in a half-dozen publications (including The Smithsonian Book of Comic-Book Comics). I shouldn’t complain, as I know it’ll be new to a lot of people, but part of me still wishes they would have used those pages for another story. And reprinting a text story? Nobody read these things in the comics back then, no one’s gonna read it now! And the 60s Plastic Man story…Gil Kane art is always a treat. Funny Gil Kane art is even better! Okay, nobody liked the 60s Plastic Man, but I have some fondness for it. Don’t ask me to explain.

Plus, if I can’t have Jack Cole on the current iteration of Plastic Man…I’ll accept Kyle Baker.

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