Looking at DC’s solicitation information…

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…(located here):

  • We’ve gone from not having any DC Direct Batman figures to having too many.

  • As The World’s Biggest Swamp Thing Fan (TM), I am glad to see a new Swamp Thing series on the schedule.

  • So that’s how they’re going to handle the trade-paperbacking of Warren Ellis’ mini-series…put ’em two in a volume. Good idea. (Mek and Reload, if you’re wondering.)

  • The continuing shoehorning of Smallville-esque continuity into the Superman comics continues, via Birthright, it appears.

  • Of course, now that I’ve finally finished my run of the original Doom Patrol, DC is well on its way to reprinting them all in the Archives format. Of course, I think I paid about as much for all the back issues as you’d have to pay for the two Archives that reprint issues 80 to 97. Maybe I exaggerate slightly…but not much.

  • John Byrne drawing Hawkman? What the…?

  • Ah, Batman in the 40s trade paperback, how I love you.

  • I wonder how many copies of the Smallville comic book series are ending up in the hands of non-comic-fan Smallville fans?

  • As noted by my friend Dorian, one of the great villains returns in JSA. (Linkage totally stolen from him.) This makes me really, really happy for very stupid reasons, mostly involving my younger self’s obsession with Roy Thomas’ Golden Age obsession.

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