Granted, it’s Morrison.

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Some people really don’t like Grant Morrison’s X-Men. [EDIT: link dead] Some people also have absolutely no sense of humor, apparently.

Too often in the past, reading the X-Men was like reading someone else’s mail…you understand the words, certainly, but darned if you know what’s going on. Morrison stripped the comic down to its basics, and kept the stories moving with snappy dialogue, fast action, and a healthy dose of silliness (and if there’s one thing the hardcore X-fans don’t like, it’s silliness). He even took generic characters like Bishop and the White Queen and made them interesting, for once. Makes one wonder what he could have done with a character like Gambit…but perhaps some challenges are too great.

Of course, my interest in the X-Men will most certainly go away with Morrison’s departure, but that’s okay. Pretty much all the X-Men adventure you’ll ever need to read is contained in the issues he wrote.
(post updated 7/2016)

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