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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sluggo Saturday #19. 



from Tip Top Comics #215 (Nov-Jan 1959)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Wait, what? 

thehulkkilledmichaeljackson.com - Your one-stop shop for a handful of vague accusations and some awesome MS Paint drawings.

Found during a Michael Jackson image search. Yes, I was looking for Michael Jackson images. I had my reasons. Don't you judge me.

Not in the Biblical sense, presumably. 

little itty-bitty house ad (about 2 1/2 inches tall) from the end
of the letters column for Action Comics #593 (October 1987)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A comic you've already heard too much about; a smattering of links. 

So a quick Googling tells me this is old news to current comics internet chatter, but my curiosity about where else Green Lantern foe Nekron has appeared turned up Green Lantern Annual #7 from 1998. The story? Dead Green Lanterns come back to life as a bunch of nogoodniks, and Nekron appears to be involved, somehow:

That third caption at the top reads "Instead of the Corps, I've found the Green Lantern Corpses!" Some deathless prose, there, eh, kiddies? heeheeheeheehee! [/cryptkeeper]

Yeah, the annual (and its possible precursor status to Blackest Night) has already been discussed in excruciating detail here and there on the 'net, but I wanted to post this page because seeing this old-school GL digging out of his grave made me laugh and laugh for no good reason I can easily explain, aside from my own innate cruelty:

I find weird things funny, I realize.

In other news:
  • Dr. K, a real life college professor, has just started a new feature on his site: Blackhawk Wingsdays! A new Blackhawk story discussed every Wedesday, and believe you me, the man knows his Blackhawk.

  • Pal Dorian discusses more comics, by request.

  • Andrew digs up another Nobody's Favorite, and...woo boy, the bottom of the barrel gets deeper every week.

  • Apparently there's been some kind of behind-the-scenes shake-up at DC Comics. As I mentioned on Twitter, part of me secretly hopes Paul Levitz just quits DC and starts editing The Comic Reader 'zine again.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

So we're having an in-store No New Comics Wednesday sale... 

...with 25% off all in-stock graphic novels. And hey, if you're reading this, you can get in on it, too. Send me an e-mail, or even give me a call (805-653-2732) and let my soothing tones lull you into a shopping dreamland, and if we have it in stock, you'll get it at the sale price (plus our very reasonable shipping costs). Offer ends at midnight tonight, Pacific time (and you'll have to e-mail me after 6 PM, since I won't be answering the phone at that point). And if you can't get your order in before midnight...well, I can probably be talked into extending the deadline a bit.

And feel free to ask me for other stuff, too. Back issues, action figures, trading cards, whatever. If we have it, I'll be happy to offer it to you.

Okay, I don't often go for the blatant commercial announcement here on the site, but a combination of a slow-ish end of summer/September and some recent enormous distributor bills have things a bit tight around here, so I hope you'll forgive this intrusion. I wouldn't do it if we couldn't seriously use the scratch.

Thanks, internet pals!

This is a fetish for someone; also, someone is overly impressed with the power of magnetism. 

First, if you'd ever wondered why the otherwise seemingly normal-looking Elastic Girl appeared to be stuck with a group of heroes who were (for the lack of a better term) "freaks," it was probably because she kept doing weird crap like this:



images from Brave and the Bold #65 (April-May 1966)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yes, yes, Wednesday Comics will be out on Thursday this week. 

  • Achewood: Worst Song, Played on Ugliest Guitar HC - Yeah, I know everyone else got their copies last week, but for some reason the occasional Dark Horse trade or hardcover takes an extra week to get to folks on the left coast. But that's okay, because a new Achewood collection is worth waiting for. If one were to make a list of the Top Ten reasons the internet was created...well, okay, "Porn" would be #1, "Funny pictures of cats with grammatically incorrect captions" would be on there somewhere, as would "Every bit of media ever generated, ever, just free for the taking!" -- but also on the list would be "Delivery system for Achewood." God bless that strip.

  • Cursed Pirate Girl #1 - Okay, that's actually a reorder for myself, since somehow I managed to miss it the first time around, but Employee Aaron came back from the San Diego Comic Con with a copy of #2, and it's easily one of the most lavishly illustrated comics I've ever seen. I grabbed my own copy of #2 when it finally passed through Diamond's pipes and ended up in our shop, and I'm waiting for #1 to be in my hands before I sit down and start reading the thing. But flipping through it...it's absolutely beautiful. Here's the official site for the fella what cartoons it.

  • Doom Patrol #2 - Actually preferred the fun Metal Men back-up to the lead story, though that's not to say I didn't like the lead. Just that the Metal Men story seemed...less weighted down with backstory, I guess. It's hard to read Doom Patrol stories without thinking of all the retooling and revamping and the misguided "restart from scratch" strategy of the last reboot, which isn't the fault of the current DP creative team, I realize. But, I do like the Doom Patrol, so I'm sticking with it.

  • Grimwood's Daughter HC - Ooh, I remember this when it ran as a back-up in Dalgoda all those years ago. Haven't read it in a decade or two, but I remember liking it, and hey, Kevin Nowlan drew it, so you know it looks great. Interestingly, according to Nowlan, some of the original art couldn't be tracked down for this new hardcover edition, so he redrew some pages. Huh.

  • House of Mystery #17 - I keep getting this comic, but darn if I can remember from month to month who is what character, and who is doing what to whom and where. But I like the idea of threading short stories into the narrative, and those have been more fun and memorable than the main plot.

  • Incredible Hercules #134 - Forgot this has temporarily gone biweekly. I mean, I like the book an' all, and it is one of Marvel's best titles...but I don't know that sales really warrant it, and honestly, the last thing Marvel needs to be doing is cranking out more books-per-month to cannibalize sales from their own output.

  • Little Lulu Vol. 20 - Bawlplayers & Other Stories - I do appreciate that these reprint volumes are in color, now, but I'm wondering if Dark Horse is going to go back and reissue the older ones in color as well. It's hardly necessary...the books were just find in black and white, aside from the occasional storytelling glitch where color was important to the plot (requiring a special one shot color volume to represent those particular stories). Plus, I don't know that, in this economic climate, folks who were buying these volumes from the beginning would be terribly anxious to "double-dip" and rebuy colorized versions of books they already own.

    All that aside...every Little Lulu book is worth buying. A true classic of the medium.

  • Love and Rockets Vol. 2 - Doesn't seem like it's been a year since the last issue, but I guess it has. It's 100 pages of the Hernandez Bros., of course it's worth buying.

  • Marvel Zombies Return #2 - It's beginning (yeah, I know..."beginning") to look like Marvel's super-zombies are nearing the end of their sales life. Or should I say "unlife?" (click) Bringing back the characters from the initial two, wildly-popular, series hasn't helped.

  • Models Inc. #1 - I'd mentioned this title before, as Project Runway's Tim Gunn is appearing in it and was making the talk show rounds talking it up shortly before we had to finalize our orders on this issue. Still have yet to have anyone call or come in to ask about it (other than the one sarcastic guy).

  • Shield #1 - Sadly, it looks like the Red Circle heroes are turning into non-starters. The books aren't bad, but people just don't want to invest time and money into a bunch of new titles starring these characters. This is the first ongoing series out of the Red Circle revamp, so we'll see if this'll grab folks the way a series of weekly one-shots didn't.

  • Watchmen Movie Silk Spectre costume - Yes, we had a special order for this at our shop. I'm sure Employee Aaron will enjoy wearing it around the store very much.

Monday, September 07, 2009

The stuff that comes out of Arisia's mouth, honestly. 

Looks like Arisia has more to say, my friends, so let's take a look:

Adam kicks it off with a tribute to the Greatest Batman Comic of Them All:

Bully the Little Stuffed Bull whips out some more typography magic:

I'm not 100% sure I know what Gordon's talking about here, other than it's Doctor Who-related:

G23 makes me uncomfortable by having Arisia say this:

Joe's entry (context) is fantastic:

Here's another woo-related entry, from Lofro:

Pal Nat gives us a trilogy of tomfoolery:

Rich wraps it up with a pair of puckish pics:

Thanks for contributing, pals!

And that's enough of that. Regular service on this website should resume tomorrow.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Folks started to mention it in the comments for yesterday's Sluggo Saturday post, but reader Patrick had sent me a particular image inspired by the very same zeitgeist this morning. The humor of it depends, I think, on your knowledge of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing:

Original from Swamp Thing #48 (May 1986) by Moore and John Totleben.

In which Mike has had some minor technical issues. 

I've had bit of a computer problem here at Progressive Ruin Headquarters, which thankfully is not serious (i.e. nothing expensive needed replacement, and no irreplaceable data was lost), but the end result is that I've spent quite a while reinstalling system software and programs, and as my computer is held together pretty much by hope and prayers, I've been doing some juggling to make sure everything is working together the same way it was before. So, if some of you were wondering why "Sluggo Saturday" was so late yesterday...that's why. (I ended up posting that one from work.)

Ultimately, "Operation: Get Mike's Computotron Running Again" hasn't left me with any time to put together the "Other Things Arisia Was Saying" follow-up post. I'll try to get it up Monday, so if you had any of your own entries you wanted to send in, you've got a day's extension.

So I'm gonna call a "time-out" for this site today, while I continue to get my computer back in fightin' shape. Thanks for reading, and I'll talk to you tomorrrow.


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