So it’s about 4:30 AM as I write this…

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…having just come home from the shop after spending long hours prepping it for opening at 11 AM today. Thus, should you happen to stop by to purchase something, just gently tuck the bills into my pocket and try not to wake me.

Anyway, let’s see how this goes!

Sterling Silver Comics is opening this Wednesday, November 5th, at 11 AM.

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That is all.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

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So reader Allan said in response to Monday’s post “hey, how ’bout a link to your comic shop’s website in your sidebar or somethin’, dummy,” which, okay, he was too nice to say it like that, but I would have completely deserved it, especially since it’s how I felt after I read his comment because Allan is totally 100% correct. And thus, there it is, glaring at you from the right side of my website, that very link, gazing into your very soul, overwhelming you, yes, you with guilt that you haven’t bought that Walking Dead #1 from my eBay listings yet.

Also, my storefront sign was installed Tuesday morning…in fact, it was installed before I showed up that morning, and I’d walked in and out the front of the store two or three times before I even bothered to look up and see it was there! But here it is, in all its glory:

That’s a photo I look late Wednesday afternoon. Tuesday I took a picture for Facebook as soon as I realized its presence, but it was close to noon at that point, with the sun shining behind it thusly:


Anyway, I still really like that logo. Everyone thank Benjamin Birdie for his great job on it.

Speaking of the Facebook, my Aunt Dee even reviewed my store there, though I’m not sure this counts as a review. Nonetheless, I believe it to be entirely objective and unbiased. No problems with ethics in comics journalism here!

The most incredible thing about this post is that I actually used Facebook for something.

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I’m entering the home stretch in the “opening a comic book store of my very own” process…hopefully next week, depending on how the custom shelving I’m having built turns out. Otherwise, all the new comics will just be dumped into an inflatable pool in the middle of the floor and y’all will just have to dive in for the funnybooks you want.

But things are going well…I’ve got my business cards, the store’s sign should be installed within the next day or two (after getting a wee bit of city hall runaround trying to get the permits properly filed…seems I’ve heard an expression somewhere about the futility of city halls and the fighting thereof), and I’ve been pricing comics like a crazy person. I mean, literally like a crazy person: I’ve been at it almost non-stop to the point where I’m just scrawling indecipherable glyphs on the price stickers. (“What’s the price on this comic?” “‘Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.'” “Um, okay…how’d you fit that on the sticker, anyway?”)

I keep getting asked “am I nervous?” and I suspect I probably am, though for the moment it’s buried beneath my desire to get fixtures installed and comics priced and stuff ordered and so on and so forth. It probably won’t be until the morning of the first day, when everything is more or less in place and all I need to do is unlock the door and let in the (hopefully) massive hordes, that the real worry of “boy, I sure hope people will shop here” will finally get its clutches around what’s left of my heart.

Well, we’ll see soon enough. In the meantime…more fixture building, more comic pricing, and, oh, yeah, should probably teach myself how to use this new cash register at some point, too.

I particularly like Swamp Thing’s Popeye arms.

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So I received a letter at the shop yesterday from the possibly-pseudonymous “Sluggo Jr.” who, inspired by my most recent Swamp Thing/Sluggo mash-up post, sent along a page crammed on either side with pencil drawings, sometimes featuring best pals Swampy ‘n’ Sluggo teaming up, sometimes just Sluggo facing menaces on his own (like fighting a knife-wielding Charlie Brown and a bat-wielding Henry).

Here are a couple of samples:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do the “Cranius middle-finger” joke before. Well done.

I was only going to scan those two for now, due to time constraints — I’ve been working long hours, as you might imagine — but I just glanced again at the paper and have to present this one, too:

I could read about the adventures of Sluggo and Swamp Thing all day. Thank you, Sluggo Jr., for your fine contribution to the arts.

Technically, I’m unemployed.

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Yesterday was my last day working for Seth’s Games and Anime/Ralph’s Comic Corner.

Today will be the first day of being at the new shop full-time, prepping it for its opening in about two weeks or so.

I’ve opened up the store’s website…not a lot there yet, and there’s still more tinkering to be done and an awful lot of white space (oddly enough, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it, for some reason!) but go check it out so you can see Benjamin Birdie’s wonderful logo!

As I write this, it’s two in the morning. Related: when WordPress plug-ins say their Facebook integration is “user-friendly,” IT’S ALL LIES.

Future historians will someday wonder what inspired the flood of Swamp Thing/Sluggo Smith crossover art in the early 21st century…

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…including this latest example from pal Casie:

…given to me as a going-away present, as I near the final hour of my lordship over Seth’s Games and Anime/Ralph’s Comic Corner. This Sunday, October 19th, will be my last day of employment at the shop, so come see me steadfastly refuse, out of sheer cruelty, to assist Employee Aaron in his transition to the managerial position.

Ah, I’m just jokin’. Even after I leave I’ll still only a phone call away, willing to assist the guys for a meager per-minute charge.

Speaking of my own store, which I really wasn’t but it’s too late to go back and retype that transition now, its official website will be open this coming Monday, should things go as planned, and will feature my brand new, 100% swell logo created for me by The Rack‘s Benjamin Birdie! It’s great…I can’t wait to show it to you!

Thanks again to pal Casie for the great drawing, and thanks to all of you for your support and readership. I’ll see you all on the other side.

Man, what was up with that beard.

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So basically any free time I have that isn’t earmarked for working in the new shop is devoted mostly to pricing up comics for my back issue bins, which is still going strong. As I noted last time, there are some hard decisions being made regarding what goes in the “keep” pile and in the “sell” pile. By and large, I’m being a good Small Business Owner and putting most things in the “sell” pile, including Vertigo titles I love like Invisibles and Sandman and Preacher because those will probably always be in print (or at least in print long enough for me to eventually reorder them for myself).

And then there’s the occasional moment of “why do I have this one issue of Lucifer?” until I realize “oh, it’s kind of a Swamp Thing tie-in.” (Issue #49, if you’re wondering.)

There’s still lot to do, such as getting my logo prepped (already have seen the nearly-finished version by an artist pal, and it looks great…more details to come!), plus an out-of-town trip or two to pick up some sellable goodies for the shop, such as the one I’ll be making to Los Angeles in just a few hours, as I write this. I’ll keep this short, then, and I’ll make further updates soon. Thanks, pals, and in the meantime, check this out.

One step closer.

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That would be the brand new floor just put into my shop, so now we can start putting in, you know, all that other stuff, like “fixtures” and “comics” and other luxuries.

The pricing of comics from the Increasingly Less-Vast Mikester Comic Archives continues apace as well, where I find myself preparing my run of Walt Simonson’s Thor for sale with some minor hesitance, while simultaneously discovering I cannot bear to part with my full run of Hex.

There is no explaining the human heart.

Kept my Steve Gerber-written She-Hulks, too.

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I wrote up a little thing on the Seth’s/Ralph’s site about my impending departure. Includes lots of photos y’all have seen before, but may be new to my customers. Nice to have them all in one place, anyway.

By the way, pricing up my own back issues for sale is a terrible thing. I wavered on Quasar, but priced ‘em up. I’m not giving up my Squadron Supreme, however.

Also, in my price researching, I discovered that this particular issue of the 2000s series of The Brave and the Bold is selling in the $20-$30 range, presumably due to the Killing Joke tie-in. One guy on eBay right now is shooting for $75, believe it or not. Huh, who knew.

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