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Come celebrate Thanksgiving the way our forefathers intended…

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…by enjoying this picture of Wetsuit Jughead:

You’re welcome.

image from Archie’s Joke Book #134 (March 1969)

Let’s all just enjoy a swell Gil Kane splash with the Atom about to be flattened by an iron.

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While the look in that dude’s eyes is particularly creepy, for some reason his hands are terrifying.

image from The Atom #15 (Dec. ’64/Jan. ’65) by Gardner Fox, Gil Kane & Sid Greene

This is a fetish for someone.

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So while the rest of the Doom Patrol and the Challengers of the Unknown battle against their other foes, Elasti-Girl faces off against Multi-Man (that little bald guy, there) and his robotic Multi-Woman:

Predating Batman’s Human Siamese Knot by a couple of years!

Meanwhile, Multi-Man makes his tactical-yet-hilarious withdrawal from the conflict:


images from Challengers of the Unknown #48 (February/March 1966) by Arnold Drake & Bob Brown