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I have multiple pals Andrew.

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  • Crisis on Infinite Earths tie-ins were a hell of a thing.
  • Pal Andy is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter for his children’s book SpaceBear, so please help out if you are so inclined.
  • REMINDER: the Ultimate Powers Jam continues, in which Pal Andrew rolls up a character using the Marvel Super-Heroes role playing game system, and other folks step in to flesh out the character. Probably better than whatever comic you’re reading right now. Unless that comic is All-Star Batman, and nothing is better than that.
  • AND NOW, A MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSOR: please buy some stuff from our shop’s eBay store. Dig some of these shirts, man. This Jar Jar shirt is made from real Gungan skin. Help me clear some of this stuff out…I need to make room! Thank you.
  • Humble Opinions…a new site offering comics and pop culture reviews and commentary. “Everything in Greece was on fire all the time” made me laugh.
  • I haven’t linked to swell chap Tony Isabella in a while, so here’s today’s post of comics reviews. I haven’t really gone out of my way to seek out other people’s opinions of the current Superman books. I’ve been enjoying them, thinking they’re an improvement on what’s been going on with the character since the New 52 hoohar began, so I was interested to see Mr. Isabella’s somewhat-opposed take.
  • It was pointed out in the comments that the Sluggo doll from this post was probably just some other doll repurposed into a Sluggo doll, and yeah, that’s probably what happened. It was still apparently marketed as a Sluggo doll (along with a Nancy doll) in the 1950s as a Post Grape-Nuts cereal promotion. Here’s a shot of them in their box. …Phew, Nancy didn’t make out so great, either. Assuming that is supposed to be Nancy and not some generic “Girl Friend” as the box would have it.

Links to make you thinks.

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I suppose coveting a $100+ Swamp Thing figure undermines any criticism I make in an End of Civilization post.

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Between having a very long day at work and spending my Tuesday evening doing prepwork for Thursday’s End of Civilization post, I didn’t leave myself a lot of time for an entry for today, other than:

  • I do know about the Sofubi Swamp Thing figurine currently being offered:

    …having been first emailed about it by reader John K. a few days ago. The figure looks cool ‘n’ all, but at a total cost of about $140 including shipping (according to Google’s currency converter) I’m probably going to hold off for the time being. However, whilst doing the aforementioned prepwork for the EoC, I did spot the other two figures from this particular wave (Superman and Bizarro) being offered in the Previews Import Toys section, so perhaps there’s hope I’ll be able to get my weirdo Swamp Thing toy at a wholesale price via my evil retailing powers.
  • While taking a peek at Kickstarter’s funnybook listings, I happened upon this fundraiser for A Deitch Miscellany, a handmade book collecting comics and sketches by Kim Deitch. Well, I like Kim Deitch’s work, and I hope some of you do as well, so maybe take a look at this project and donate if you’re able.
  • Bob writes about starting to read B.P.R.D. on a monthly basis, partially in response to my comments about the current steep entry cost to that series.

    Tom Spurgeon responds by saying he’d rather not see a rebooting of B.P.R.D., which isn’t really what I want, either, but at this point the series isn’t too kind to anyone new to the franchise. Of course, as we’re all learning again right now with the “Marvel Now #1s” publishing initiative, a relaunch is a jumping-off point as much as a jumping-on point, and starting again with a new B.P.R.D. series (without an attendant Hellboy movie to bump up some awareness) would likely, after a brief spike in sales, end up just selling to the same people who were already buying it before.

    As I said, I can see this B.P.R.D. ending and wrapping up its years-long storylines, and the current Abe Sapien title incorporating the B.P.R.D. elements in a perhaps more reader-friendly manner. (Much in the same way I once argued that the Legion of Super-Heroes could be revitalized by making one of the Legionnaires the star of his/her own book, and the rest of the Legion the occasionally-appearing supporting cast.) I wouldn’t think of that as a full-on “reboot” so much as some retooling, but I’m likely just splitting hairs.

No time for posts, Dr. Jones.

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I may or may not be in Low Content Mode this week, but I’m certainly in Low Content Mode today, hence:

  • Congratulations and / or my sympathies to my blogging brother Tim on his ten year reign.
  • Employee Aaron’s wife Kempo has drawn Judge Dredd. If this is how he appeared in that most recent movie, maybe it would have made money.
  • Yes, I’ve seen the Onion article. And they’re wrong; those are the only two movies. Well, and The Spirit, too.

In which I link to some pals, but somehow make it all about me instead.

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  • Bully, The Stuffed Bull That Is Slightly More Little Than Other Stuffed Bulls, wishes me a Happy Blogoversary in the way only he can…with a search for Swamp Thing.
  • NOT COMICS, BUT INTERESTING: pal Dave lists his Top Board Games of All Time, parts one and two. …It’s very strange, that I like reading about board and war and strategy games more than I like actually playing them. I don’t know how many books I’ve read about game histories and reviews and such over the years, when the last board game I played was probably a half-assed attempt at some Monopoly-ing at a friend’s house about twenty years ago.
  • Oh, hey, it’s Christmastime, so that means pal Andrew is up to his Nobody Else’s Favorites tricks again, starting with Snowbird, and moves on to very eloquently explaining the odd appeal of John Byrne’s run on West Coast Avengers. It may have been peculiar, and, as Andrew says, incomplete, but images from that run still stick in my head decades after I’ve read it.
  • Sometimes I poke in on my brother-from-a-Canadian-mother Steven’s website to see if he’s up to anything. Not a whole lot at the moment, but the header for his website makes me smile.

Your “it’s been a long work day” post.

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Well, I took some work home with me Tuesday evening, which, combined with my beginning the process of a new End of Civilization post, meant not having enough time to do the entry I was planning for the site today. So, instead, let me leave you with a handful of links:

  • Pal Andrew of Armagideon Time fame just started up a new project: Wish You War Here, an exhibit of a collection of old photo postcards he rescued from a Woburn landfill many years ago.
  • Pal Dave reviews Day of the Doctor, the special 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who.
  • Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai and his wife Sharon have some serious medical expenses, and they can use some help: details here about not only where to donate money, but also how to donate art for benefit auctions.


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  • Pal Andrew has a new Nobody’s Favorites…and it’s a comic based on a game I used to sell a lot of, way back when.
  • True Opera Crime, featuring…the Bullfrog!
  • Bully, the little bull full of stuffing, knows how to appeal directly to my interests, by giving me COMIC BOOK WINONA RYDER!
  • Can’t say I remember this particular Sherlock Holmes mystery.

  • Finally created a category for those posts I did oh so long ago about those anniversary (or, as has been pointed out, “anniversary”) issues. I should about write more of these.

  • And in honor of this weekend’s 50th anniversary (“anniversary” used correctly, here!) celebration of Doctor Who, here’s our pal Bob giving us three reasons why Doctor Who is the best show ever, and then another 101 reasons!

This is a very lazy post…

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…in that I’m linking to someone who’s linking to stuff that I think is neat. Christopher Elam informed me that Megaton Man creator Don Simpson is blogging again, and not just on one site, oh no. On multiple sites, devoted to specific titles and characters. Chris has got the list right here, and you can see lots of unpublished pages, sketches, process material, etc. on all of Simpson’s sites. Note that some of the sites (particularly the Bizarre Heroes one) are Not Safe For Work, so wait ’til the boss ain’t lookin’.

How the Green Lantern movie could have become a box office success.

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So I was looking through this DC Sneak Previews freebie:

…which you know came out several years ago, since it actually cover-features superheroes who are (gasp) not in their mid-20s, and featuring previews of the Justice Society of America mini-series and Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II. Of note is the intro to the GL:EDII preview:

…which features this phrase that pays:

Now that’s a slogan that would have brought attendees to movie houses in droves, should Warner Brothers’ marketing division only have dared to use it. Of course, that would have required a slight rewriting of the film to facilitate its use, but I think we all agree a rewrite for the GL film would not entirely have been out of order.

• • •

In other news:

  • Happy Sixth (Give or Take A Year or Three) Birthday to Bully, The Little Stuffed Bull Who Apparently Ages Like Jonathan Winters on Mork and Mindy!
  • Comic Book Galaxy is going off the air within a week or so, so if you’re gonna catch up on any articles there, now’s the time to do it. I wrote there for a while (I’ll repost the articles on my own site here, soon), plus I contributed this little blurb about the Thing (in relation to a still-MIA Barry Windsor-Smith graphic novel) which I think is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written.

    Thanks for asking me to contribute, Alan!

  • And now, your Indian-style Swamp Thing promo poster for the day, celebrating Charles Soule’s run on the series. BRB, going to India to get one of these.


images from DC Sneak Previews #1 (1991)

I said “Kryptonian elements” because I think I’m funny.

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Another swell drawing by pal Casie, who is, perhaps, speculating on the next revamp of the Batman movie franchise featuring those two lovable scamps. (To see other pics by Casie featured on this site, just click the newly-created “pal casie” tag! Or follow her on the Twitters to see ’em as she draws ’em!)

In other news:

  • There’s a new trailer for Man of Steel out, and it certainly looks promising, but we’ll see. It’s apparently sparked some debate about revisiting Superman’s origin yet again, but 1) from the trailers it looks like Supes’ origin, both the Smallville and Kryptonian elements, will be thematically important to the film as a whole and not just something to plow through to get to the action, and 2) it’s the first film in a potential franchise, not just for Superman but seemingly for DC heroes as a whole, so a little world-building from scratch is likely needed. Oh, and 3) it probably doesn’t hurt to remind folks who aren’t immersed in the mythology what the Superman story is all about.

    I seem to recall arguing before on this site, years ago, that you really didn’t need to retell Superman’s origin since everyone pretty much knew it, and getting plenty of arguments in the comments section against that position. Clearly it depends on the kind of story you’re trying to tell, in what context, and in the case of Man of Steel, where it’s the (hopeful) start of a new series, and it’s been a while since the last film (itself an odd cousin of the Christopher Reeve cycle of films), and the origin appears to be important to the overall plot, retelling that origin seems necessary. So, okay, I may have been wrong about the origin thing, in that post way back when. I’m allowed to be wrong about once or twice a decade.

    I also just joked on Twitter that they should go the super-decompressed route in retelling Superman’s origin, and devote the entire first movie to a science drama about Jor-El investigating Krypton-quakes, which just goes to show there’s no debate to which I can’t contribute nothing of any real use.

  • Pal Dorian is back to reviewin’ Doctor Who, as is pal Dave, and they’re both smart guys with intelligent things to say about a show I’m watching, and if you’re watching that show too, maybe check them out.
  • Hey, you guys remember Ken Lowery, right? The guy I allowed to help me with writing Write More Good by, you know, fetching me coffee and stuff? Well, that boy’s got himself one of those fancypants Kickstarters to help him and his pal Robert Wilson IV fund a new one-shot comic. I contributed to the cause, and maybe some of you can help my pal out, too.
  • Speaking of helping, I was more than happy to assist pal Andrew with his latest installment of Nobody’s Favorites, even if all I did was shove a comic into an envelope and let the gentle hands of the post office bear it aloft to Woburn.
  • Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull Who Has Been Rebooted into a Stuffed Little Bull, gives those “WTF Certified” covers from DC Comics the ol’ what-for and shows everyone what “WTF” really means.
  • And lastly, on a more serious note…my best wishes to the people of Boston.

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