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Your 2013 Predictions, Part Five: Deader.

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QUICKLY NOW: PART ONE and PART TWO and PART THREE and PART FOUR and today is PART FIVE. Also, don’t forget to give me your 2014 predictions.

• • •

Ed leads us off with:

“I had a list, but after reading Gordon and Michael’s suggestion of an After Watchmen, that seems like the most hardy horse to wager on.

“After Watchmen (a one-shot at least)”

Oh, Ed, Ed, Ed…you weren’t supposed to read the other predictions first! Just jump on in and lay ‘em out there! But like I said, I was genuinely surprised that, once the Watchmen barrier had been breached, more Watchmen product didn’t follow.

• • •

Tom Cherry pits me against the following:

“Realizing superhero movies is where the money is at, Woody Allen writes and directs THE INFERIOR FIVE. He stars as Merryman, Scarlett Johansson is Dumb Bunny, and Diane Keaton plays Annie Hall.”

I wonder if anyone’s ever actually approached Allen about doing such a thing. Probably was immediately thrown out of the office for even trying. But in the meantime, there’s this:

• • •

Boosterrific lifts me up with:

“DC finally gets around to Nu52 Sugar and Spike, re-introducing the pair as a prostitute with a heart of gold and her brother, a dim punk with a penchant for getting into trouble. Naturally, they communicate telepathically and hunt vampires and zombies.”

Oh, you. I still think my idea for a new Sugar and Spike series is pretty good.

• • •

William Burns scalds me with:

“DC announces a new line of comics devoted specifically to pissing off Alan Moore. The first two projects: After Watchmen and a sequel to V for Vendetta written by Grant Morrison.”

Again, surprised they didn’t. Don’t know why, it’s not like Moore would have anything to say about…what? How’s that again? Oh, he did, did he? Well.

“Hardcover archival reprint series announced for Reg Smythe’s Andy Capp and Charles Barsotti’s Sally Bananas.”

Couldn’t find any news on any new Andy Capp collections, but I did discover that there was a computer game in the ’80s which sounds amazing. Nothin’ doin’ for all you Sally Bananas fans out there, either. Not even a computer game.

• • •

Roger Green makes me envious with:

“Roger Green will write a daily blogpost in September 2013 at that will crush Mike Sterling’s daily record of 8.3 years.”

I knew once I stopped the daily updating these new young gunslingers would wander into town and challenge me to duels. But…yup, he’s still updating daily, working hard and writing well while I sleep away!

• • •

Prankster tricks me with:

“Either Bob Harras or Dan Didio, or both, will leave their current position at DC (possibly kicked upstairs, more likely leaving the company altogether).”

Nope! Both still there, planning their mischief and tormenting online fans!

“Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 will both be quite good.”

I thought so, and judging by their box office, so did a lot of other people.

“Neither Seaguy 3, new issues of Astro City, nor a collection of the Alan Moore era Marvelman will materialize this year, because we live in a cold and uncaring universe.”

Well, maybe the universe cares a little, because we did get Astro City.

“Disney will buy DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, Belize, the Moon, and the concept of human happiness. All human beings will be fitted with EKG meters that will charge them a dime anytime they think of any of the pop culture characters the company owns. The years of tribulation begin.”

I am unable to respond to this prediction as I am in the process of being purchased by…well, you’ll find out soon enough.

• • •

POGressive Ruin‘s biggest fan, Crowded House, takes us (nearly) home with:

“Mike Sterling brings Pogressive Ruin to an end. The very next day, he finds a bomb planted underneath one of the tables in his shop. It explodes and he runs into his overstock back room. He emerges, reborn as…Pog Thing!”

Well, as I noted yesterday — or was it the day before? — I did stop the daily posts on my pog site, but I have updated it a small handful of times since then. I am trying to picture what a pog-encrusted mockery of a man would look like, and, um…it’s more terrifying than you might imagine.

• • •

Dwayne the canoe guy paddles on over with:

“Jonah Hex will stay in Gotham, Bat Lash will show up and cause a ruckus, the All Star Western will see a reboot of Scalphunter as well as the Trigger Twins but this times as cojoined Siamese twins.”

Well, he did stay in Gotham for a while, just not in his original century, what with this time-travel story no one expected. In recent stories, he’s left town, with a forthcoming encounter with a certain blue-clad Kryptonian of some repute.

• • •

And finally, Stevonicus wraps it all up with:

“Superior Spiderman will go the way of Firestorm and have both Doc Ock and Peter Parker inhabiting the one body. Expect a massive amount of issues to be published as marvel decides to start triple shipping the book in May leading up to a reversion of numbering and title in time for Amazing Spider Man #750 some time in 2014.”

It sort of looked like it was heading that way for a while there, until Peter was…expunged. Still don’t know what Marvel’s ultima…er, coming plan is, but there’s somethin’ going on.

“Grant Morrison’s Multiversity gets delayed on into 2014 because John Cassaday signs up to pencil an issue which takes six months to complete.”

It’s definitely not out yet, despite being confirmed as coming out late 2013. And let’s not bust on poor Mr. Cassaday…the man does good work worth waiting for!

“The Teen Titans GO spinoff comic sells more than the New 52 Teen Titans effort much to the chagrin of DC editorial.”

It sold okay for us…and actually did sell pretty darn close to New 52 TT numbers. Frankly, though, if DC could feel chagrin about anything, it should be regarding that stupid collar on Superman.

“Bill Willingham’s decision to finish writing Fables signals the final death knell for Vertigo. Shelley Bond joins Marvel’s editorial team as a consequence.”

It looks like you nailed the announcement of the ending of Fables, which wasn’t revealed until well into the fall of 2013. Well done! I think DC will probably try to keep Vertigo going for a while yet, though.

“Jim Zubkavich’s disappointment at being booted from Birds of Prey after one issue sends him into the arms of Marvel where he writes a new Heroes for Hire ongoing.”

He’s certainly writing a lot, but not at Marvel, far as I can tell. Be sure to check out his excellent blog and see what he’s saying about his writing career!

“Jim Lee will last 5 issues on Man Of Steel before needing a fill in artist. He will be off the book fully by #8.”

It was issue #5, in fact, where Lee was joined by another artist doing story pages. Jumping ahead to the solicitation info for #8, art is credited to “Jim Lee & various,” so either someone’s going to help him with the lead story again, or that’s referring to whoever’s drawing the back-up for that issue.

“Dan DiDio decides to write a new Metal Men book. he will suffer a torrent of abuse online and produce a lackluster effort wherein he misinterprets the central premise and the book is cancelled by the sixth issue.”

The Metal Men have been announced as returning, but in upcoming issues of Justice League (not by Didio!), which I’m sure people are hating already before ever even seeing it. Didio did write the Metal Men strip for Wednesday Comics, that newspaper-esque publication DC did a few years back, and that wasn’t too bad! It certainly didn’t misinterpret the characters like a certain other series I could mention.

• • •

There! Finally! It’s all done! I know I said…or maybe I just dreamed I said…I was going to go over corrections and additions and such at the end, but let me rest up a bit before doing so. Or maybe I’ll just go back and update previous posts for posterity’s sake. You know, for when my website is unearthed by future archeologists. Like when I made my “mummy is close enough to a zombie” gag regarding that issue of Daredevil when freakin’ Simon “The Zombie” Garth was right there on the cover. Man, I don’t know…my brain needs a tune-up, I guess.

I still need to go back and actually answer a prediction or two that needed a little more research than I had time to do, but I’ll do that…IN THE FUTURE! SO I PREDICT!

Anyway, if you read all this, I greatly appreciate it. I’m going to enter the Odinsleep for the weekend, and come back Monday with…probably just scans. Lots and lots of scans and no typing whatsoever.

Your 2013 Predictions, Part Four: Hellseeker.

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Okay, so let me get this straight: first I ask you for predictions for 2013 way back when, you folks leave me a whole lot of ‘em, and then I go spend not one, not two, not three, but four days responding to them? Who do I think I am, anyway?

Oh, and there’s going to be a fifth day. You’re welcome. Also, don’t forget I want predictions for 2014, because that’s just the kind of low-down dirty chump that I am.

And away we go…!

• • •

Adam Farrar dishes out a big ol’ helping of predictions, beginning with:

“The glut of Marvel titles being double shipped will only get worse and will speed up the standard attrition. Marvel’s solution will be more double shipping. Some artists will announce their departure for creator owned books with a more realistic schedule.”

It seems like it’s slowed down a bit, if only because the holidays put a crimp in their every-week-or-two schedule for Superior Spider-Man. But the double-shipping continues on several Marvel titles, sometimes every three weeks, sometimes full-on biweekly (or, in the case of that recent Amazing Spider-Man mini, more than weekly). I haven’t noticed any kind of serious exodus from Marvel to indie publications, but creators such as Matt Fraction and Rick Remender have certainly had some success with new books at Image over the past year.

“Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s Image series ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ will start in April as announced but only 4 of the planned 12 issues will come out in 2013.”

We got three! Along with a couple of reprints and that sketchbook thingie.

“Some company will hire Karen Berger and give her money to run her own imprint. Creators will flock to pitch her ideas.”

Not yet, but hopefully sometime soon. Right now, though, I hope she’s taking a well-deserved break!

“Dark Horse will launch more titles to compensate for the Disney taking away the Star Wars license.”

They’re certainly putting out a number of books, but I’m not seeing anything as a real contender for filling the eventual Star Wars gap. Terminator seems like a non-starter, and it’s hard to say how Tomb Raider will do. As the year progresses and we get closer to the end of DH’s SW contract, we’ll see what they start doing.

“There will be more creators leaving DC in headlines complaining of a difficult work environment.”

A lot of creators did bail on DC this last year, such as the high-profile departure of the Batwoman creative team as a result of differences with editorial over the book’s direction. As an aside, my favorite Tweet in relation to that event:

Anyway, a Googling will pull up several interviews with creators who left DC explaining why they did so, and to be fair there are a couple explaining why they left Marvel, so…yeah. There’s been some attrition.

“The story in Avengers Arena will turn out to be a computer simulation or a dream or something.”

I don’t think that was the case, but, as discussed yesterday, a couple of the deaths did turn out to be fake-outs.

“DC will continue to publish Batman, Inc. after Grant Morrison leaves the title despite its lack of direction and plummeting sales.”

They did the right thing and ended the series, though there was a one-shot non-Morrison special that wrapped up the whole thing, and it sold okay far as I know.

“The ‘Justice League’s Vibe’ will be the lowest selling Geoff Johns comic in recent memory, which will still be pretty good for a modern DC comic.”

The first issue sold…not terribly, certainly better than a Vibe comic would have seemed to be able to sell in The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Thirteen. Johns was on for the first two issues as cowriter, and compared to some of his other recent jobs, no, it didn’t sell anywhere in the same range. But that it did as well as it did, at least for a while, is kind of amazing…being racked with the other Justice League titles didn’t hurt, too.

“Brian Bendis’ Guardians of the Galaxy will spin off a second cosmic team book also written by Bendis.”

Not yet…maybe where the movie’s closer.

“Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and The Wolverine will have marginally larger (domestic) box offices than their last individual movies. Man of Steel will do better financially and critically than Green Lantern but less than than the Nolan Batman movies.”

The Wolverine ($400 mil) did a little better than Origins (about $375 million), Thor 2, at about 6 and a half billion, outsold its predecessor by about 200 million dollars, and Iron Man 3‘s take of 1.2 billion dollars is about twice as much as Iron Man 2 did.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, that universal arbitrator of taste, Man of Steel‘s rating of 55% is over twice that of GL’s poor showing at 26%. MoS’s 600-something million dollars certainly outstripped GL’s take of just over 200 mil.

Bringing in the Nolan Bat-flicks, the first one made about $375 million, Dark Knight cracked a billion, and Dark Knight Rises made just a little more than the second film. So there are all the numbers (taken from Box Office Mojo) and you can see what fits where in relation to whom and all this money flyin’ around is giving me a headache, so let that be enough of that.

“Tragically the ‘Young Justice’ cartoon won’t be renewed for a third season.”

Doesn’t look like it. Too bad, I’d rented all the DVDs (well, all available thus far) from Netflix and have enjoyed the series quite a bit.

• • •

Jerry Smith forged the following predictions:

“DC will continue cancelling books no one wants to read and replacing them with other books no one wants to read.”

Oh, come now, it’s not as bad as all that, is it? But DC is dropping titles, and seemingly replacing them with variations on Batman, Superman, Justice League, and Green Lantern titles. Some of these new books aren’t half-bad, I think, and they mostly still seem to be doing well.

“Marvel will experiment with new Avengers and X-Men titles at $4.99 an issue. Fans desert in droves.”

Seems like DC was hitting us with the high-priced issues of regular series this last year more than Marvel. I mean, Marvel seems more committed to the $3.99 price point, but DC wasn’t shy about giving us $4.99 and $6.99 issues of Batman, that $4.99 Superman Unchained, Green Lantern #20 at $7.99, and so on. All of those sold pretty well for DC, though, sort of surprisingly. The upcoming Miracleman series with that $5.99 debut issue is going to be a real test, though.

“Iron Man 3 will start the franchise rot by being nothing like the comics or the first two movies. It will suffer from overblown Hollywood-itis, make a lot of money, and not be good.”

I don’t know if it matters that it’s not like the comic, since nobody’s reading the comic anyway. As mentioned before, it did enormously well, and seemed to be generally received, so the demise of the superhero movie hasn’t quite begun yet. …It may be that the time will come, when there’s that one film that sours the genre for everyone, but most of the producers of these films have been playing it relatively smart so far.

“Image will have another break-out hit and lots of other critically acclaimed new books.”

Oh, yeah, that’s for certain. East of West, Black Science, Sex Criminals, others I’m probably forgetting but you get the idea. None of these are huge sellers on par with Walking Dead, but they’re not doing too badly.

“Karen Berger will become head of development at either a movie studio or independent comics publisher.”

As mentioned above, if there is any Berger-at-a-new-job news over the last year, I’m not finding it. But here’s what appears to be her new Twitter account, so maybe we’ll get some news there!

• • •

NeverAsk asks:

“Archie comics will continue to be awesome.”

They put out Afterlife with Archie, which is the most amazing thing, so yes, they are awesome!

• • •

Rob S. announces:

“DC will launch a Vertigo book in the digital-first style.”

I suppose that’s only a matter of time, but I don’t think it’s happened yet.

“In Archie crossovers, Sabrina will meet My Little Pony.”

Well, if this could happen, so can that. Don’t give up hope!

“One or two more of the established New 52 books move to $3.99 and get backups; Green Lantern and Earth 2 are good candidates.”

New titles popped up at the $3.99 price point, some with back-ups, but preexisting titles seem to have been staying in their regular price points/formats. Exception: Justice League Dark, which moved to $3.99 with this whole Trinity War thing and has stayed there.

• • •

Nate foresees:

“Katie Power finally joins the Avengers”

One of the Power Pack kids was in FF, but I don’t think we’ve seen much of the others this year. Seems like now would be the time to bring back Power Pack, which seems ready-made to be made into a Marvel/Disney film.

“‘Man of Steel’ uses the words ‘woman of Kleenex’ on screen”

No, but it did use “dicksplash,” which is arguably better.

“Robert Kirkman sets up an actual money bin and swims in it ala Scrooge McDuck.”

All documented, all true.

• • •

De declares:

“Making yet another mistake of the past, one of the Big Two will roll out hologram covers again in an attempt to ‘cash in on nostalgia.'”

DC gave us the “3D” lenticular covers, which is close. And there was the chromium cover on Age of Ultron #1. I’d almost be relieved to see a plain ol’ hologram cover again.

“With their Star Wars gravy train derailed, Dark Horse merges with another publisher. My guess would be Image.”

Probably more of a 2016 prediction. Let’s wait and see what happens after a Star Wars-less 2015 at DH.

“After years of rolling her eyes at comics, my teenaged daughter will finally ask to visit a comic shop. (I can hold out hope anyway.)”

If I answered this assuredly, you’d probably be worried. Since I don’t know, I’ll have to ask you if this event came to pass!

• • •

Gareth Wilson opined

“Particularly large numbers of American comic stores will close in 2013.”

Not that I’ve noticed…if anything, more shops seem to have opened. Look for the closings this year.

“Marvel will cancel most of the Avengers comics.”

Quite the opposite; they seem to be multiplying. Okay, we lost Arena, so one down, about a thousand to go.

“A mutant will run for public office in the Marvel Universe.”

Well, I went looking via Google, since I’m not regularly reading the X-books (aside from Amazing, at least for the time being), and I didn’t notice anything. If this happened, someone let me know!

The SHIELD TV show will be successful, but will generally be considered to have nothing to do with SHIELD from the comics. Whedonites won’t consider it a ‘real’ Joss Whedon show.

Seems like every story I read about this show is regarding how it’s not performing to expectations. I mean, it seems successful enough, but not the blockbuster folks were expecting. Whedonites do seem to be the primary defenders of the show, however. I don’t know that there was any danger of anyone thinking this would have any relation to the comics, as it was clearly part of the Marvel movie-verse and related to the comics as much as any of the movies have.

• • •

Kid Kyoto begins properly with:

“Good topic!”

Thank you!

“Dark Horse will lose Star Wars to Marvel but will try to fill the void with comics about Battlestar Galactica, Flash Gordon (the Queen version) and Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard version).”

Sadly, all those properties are tied up elsewhere, though I’d love new stories in the Queen Universe of Flash Gordon. “GORDON’S ALIVE!?”

“Disney will buy Hasbro, IDW will lose Transformers and GI Joe to Marvel.”

Didn’t happen, but you’re the second person to predict that. Is this kind of a…meme, I guess, among fans of those properties?

“A fired DC staffer will do a tell-all article about the New 52 and various back-stabbings and shenanigans. the internet will break in 1/6ths but DC sales won’t be affected.”

Everyone keeps waiting for the DC version of Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, but it may be a while yet. I definitely want to read about what’s going on at DC right now. There has been an interview here and there complaining about conditions at DC, but no comprehensive tell-all just yet.

“Seeing the proliferation of V for Vendetta Masks at protests, DC will launch an After V series of miniseries.”

I would have loved this, but I think after Before Watchmen, DC fears Alan Moore transforming into a giant bearded Gorgo-esque monster and rampaging through their office buildings.

“Peter Parker back in 616 by the end of the year.”

Not yet, but breaking news, everyone!

“the Legion will be rebooted. Again.”

I’m kind of glad that didn’t happen. I like the Legion, but had to give up on it after too many restarts/reboots/reworkings/revarnishings. I want it to rest for a while. Let us miss it before bringing it back.

• • •

Mike Walker dares to invoke:

“Then… KOREA”

Okay, I didn’t do it all year, so let me lay it on you for the beginning of 2014:

Some context, for you newcomers.

• • •

Just one more day of this gang! I’ll see you tomorrow…and if you have corrections or additional info, please drop it all in the comments!

Your 2013 Predictions, Part Three: Inferno.

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So here was part one, here was part two, and oh Lordy, today is part three of my response to your 2013 predictions. Will I finish by the weekend? Or before I die from a fatal case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Let’s find out!

Don’t forget…give me your 2014 predictions. THIS I COMMAND.

• • •

googum, as always, googummed:

“I’m not going to try my usual ‘death of Vertigo’ guess this year; they seem to keep limping along.”

Yup, they’re still hanging in there, what with Sandman, and, oh, I suppose some other titles, allegedly.

“Marvel/Disney is finally going to go too far in their movie casting lowballing, and is going to lose a fan-favorite actor who refuses to budge.”

I don’t follow the Marvel casting news, so I don’t know if there have been any big losses so far. It looks like everyone likes getting a paycheck so far…they even got Sir Anthony Hopkins into two of these things. I suppose it’s only a matter of time, though.

“The Superman/Wonder Woman power couple (that everyone seems to have forgotten about, since it doesn’t come into play in any other books…) will break up; and it’s really uncomfortable, since traditionally in super-hero comics things are settled with fight scenes.”

I don’t think any of us would have predicted the arrival of a Superman/Wonder Woman series last year, or would I think any of us would have guessed that it would actually be kinda entertaining. I guess we’re stuck with the romance so long as this new series sells.

“DC will also lose points by killing off a semi-beloved but somewhat redundant legacy character–someone like Tim Drake or Kyle Rayner. Marvel doesn’t have legacies to burn like that, but they’ll kill off somebody–I’m at a loss as to who, that hasn’t spent time dead already. Maybe Iceman or Kitty Pryde?”

We did get the death of Damian Wayne in Batman Incorporated, which, well, I guess that kinda counts, even though he lives on in some marginally-incomprehensible “Imaginary Story” mini-series. Oh, and that he could come back as a clone at any time, as per the conclusion of the Incorporated storyline.

• • •

Mike Nielsen provides this data:

“By 2014, in continuing the tradition of ‘Archie Meets Kiss’ and ‘Archie Meets Glee’, Archie will announce new storylines were Archie crosses over with other pop-culture items, like ‘Archie Meets Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘Archie meets Star Wars’.”

Sort of got this one, I’d say, in that we got “Archie Meets Zombies” in Afterlife with Archie. While not a specific property, there are very few things more pop-culture-y than zombies at the moment.

• • •

Timothy T. tees off with:

“Poop. I was going to make a prediction that Guardians of the Galaxy will either flop or else be successful yet alienate audiences who won’t watch the following films (comics fans will love it). But, it comes out next year.”

Fair enough. Marvel’s been pretty good with their films being accessible to non-comic fans, but Guardians could be the real test of that. But, c’mon, there’s a space raccoon with a ray gun. That appeals to every demographic.

• • •

demoncat unleashes:

“time warner will manage to get the rights to swamp thing and get the film going and then let del torro do his film with the magic characters. dc deciding the new look of captain carrot will do it with the zoo crew also as space pirates. marvel will after changing spider man back to peter parker decide to also bring back doctor octopus. marvel will finaly undo one more day. doctor strange will not only finaly get his film but a new comic”

I think they have the rights, no Del Toro movie yet, no other reboots of the Captain Carrot crew a la “K’rot” that I know of, Pete ain’t back yet but I’m sure they’ll bring back Doc too when they do, the ramifications of One More Day still hold firm at least until sales dip so badly they dip back into that well, no Doc Strange film or series but he’s popped up a lot in the last year.

• • •

ExistentialMan brings the following predictions into existence:

“1) Chris Ware will win an Eisner for ‘Building Stories’.”

Four Eisners, in fact: Best Publication Design, Best Lettering, Best Writer/Artist, Best Graphic Album, not to mention a top-flight showing in the swimsuit competition.

“2) Over half of the kids killed in Avengers Arena will turn out not to be dead.”

Didn’t read it, but went to that repository of all the world’s truth, Wikipedia, to see what they had to say. According to the list there, eight characters apparently died, but two ended up either having not actually died, or being resurrected through magical-science-y comic means. And of course, comics being comics, the rest of the fallen characters will come back eventually, I’m sure.

“3) The Walking Dead on AMC will have a fourth showrunner by year’s end”

Still on three, unless there’s a more recent story I’ve missed!

“4) BOOM! Studios Adventure Time #1 (unslabbed) will sell for over $150 on eBay.”

I found some slabbed copies selling at close to that price, but unslabbed…nah, not yet. Did find at least one online shop trying to move one of the first issue variants at $200+ but no idea if they’ve sold any at that price.

“5) Marvel will outsell DC every month of 2013 in overall dollar and unit sales according to Diamond sales data. DC will still dominate in trade sales.”

Marvel did outdo DC in both categories most months, except three months where DC did more retail business, and one month where they moved more units. I couldn’t find any handy percentages on trade sales re: DC vs. Marvel, but it looks like, at least through Diamond, Marvel and Image were usually dominating the top spots on the charts. As far as total overall sales….well, I’m having trouble trying to find any convenient “percentage of graphic novel market per publisher” charts for 2013, but maybe someone can direct me to one. My guess is that Marvel did outdo DC in this arena, too, at least through Diamond…through other booksales sources, I suspect it’s the other way around.

“6) Snyder and Lee’s Superman will sell like crazy at first but taper off quickly much like the Azzarello/Lee ‘For Tomorrow’ Supes story.”

I was talking to my Diamond rep about Superman Unchained for some reason or ‘nother back before #1 came out and he just straight up asked me “why is everyone ordering SO MUCH of this comic?” which immediately told me 1) uh oh, and 2) what was going to be in quarter boxes for the foreseeable future.

Now, we made our money back on #1s, and some profit aside, thanks to the variants, so while we still have a pretty good pile of the regular covers left over, we could throw them out and still be ahead. Now, I’ve since cut orders way down (where it’s now selling about twice up from the regular Action and Superman comics), and I suspect this happened at most other shops too.

Good comic, though.

“7) The Star Wars comic book franchise will return to Marvel in 2013. Brian Wood will continue to write – starting with a new #1.”

The announcement came in early 2014, so you were close. No word on who will actually be doing any of the new books, but it would be nice if at least that current Star Wars series Wood is doing could continue over, somehow. Not holding my breath.

“8) Mike’s hair will continue to get even better in 2013. Around August, he’ll decide to go with 80’s style cornrow braids.”

Absolutely 100% correct. You are psychic!

“9) Ed Brubaker will complete his previously mentioned film/TV scripts in 2013 and both will be optioned by the end of the year.”

Can’t find any info on this. Maybe you can tell me!

“10) Someone, somewhere on the internet will reveal a major spoiler for the ending of ‘Age of Ultron’ story.”

I hope it doesn’t involve Angela. That would be terrible.

• • •

Smicha1 laments:

“The Tick Season Three will continue to not be available on DVD”

Apparently it’s available in the UK, but probably not what you meant.

• • •

Ray Tomczak brings us:

“I’ve already predicted this on my own blog in my year in review post, and you don’t really need psychic powers to see that the loss of their longest running title, followed closely by the resignation of founding editor Karen Berger, does not bode well for the future of Vertigo. It seems likely that DC will draw the twenty year old mature readers imprint to a close sometime after Berger leaves in March.”

As discussed above, Vertigo is hanging in there. It certainly looked like DC wanted to fight the impression that Vertigo was done for, given the promotion and new title push we got from the imprint this year.

• • •

philip shockingly reveals:

Pogressive Ruin will run its course, to the dismay of several.”

It was always planned as a short-run project, but I still update it about once a month or so. It’s not dead, just breathing very slowly.

• • •

Bully the Little Prognostic Bull says:

“Point One issues for everyone!”

After DC’s Villains Month and Marvel’s “.INH” and “.NOW” nonsense, I never want to see a decimal point in an issue number ever again!

• • •

Michael Grabowski grabs at a couple of predictions:

“1. I’d say it’s probably The Hulk’s turn to die and be replaced for a time.”

Probably, but not yet! “THE DEATH OF THE HULK” does sound like some kind of Big Marvel Event just ready to happen, doesn’t it?

“2. DC will announce plans for some kind of After Watchmen comic(s).”

I am really, honestly, surprised this didn’t happen.

• • •

matt Jeske dares to reveal:

“1) Fantagraphics will reprint some classic comic book, comic strip or Graphic Novel that I’m familiar with, but somehow forgot was unavailable. Maybe a nice collection of the work of Jose Munoz?”

I’m taking a look at their 2013 releases, and there are probably a couple of things that would fit that description. I lean towards the collection of Gahan Wilson’s Sunday comic strips, myself.

“2) Mark Waid will write a zombie comic.”

He did a digital strip in 2012, but in 2013…I could be missing something, but I don’t see that he did any zombie stories last year. Unless you count mummies.

• • •

My old pal Kurt Onstad bounces a couple of ideas off me:

“1) DC will announce a big event that brings back, at least in part, the Pre-Flashpoint Universe.”

Not yet!

“2) Multiversity issue 1 still won’t be released by years end.”

Sucker bet!

“3) Speedball will take his rightful place as the most powerful and most popular character in the Marvel Universe.”

Is that a threat?

• • •

The always amazingly-named Interstate Shogun lets us know:

“Gaiman’s new Sandman series will come out very irregularly, if at all because of the loss of Karen Berger, but will still be the top selling comic of the year and will win Eisners. But that’s an easy and obvious slam dunk.”

It was #8 in the month it was released, which ain’t too shabby. Any delays appear to be (self-admittedly) Gaiman’s own doing, however. I’m sure it’ll get an Eisner or two next year.

“Personally, I’ll predict that if Peter David is unable to continue writing comics because of his stroke and is forced into retirement, I’ll probably drop whatever few Marvel comics left that I still collect. I jumped off Marvel in a big way with Marvel NOW and if some lame hack took over X Factor, one of the few consistently great comics Marvel has, then I’d probably just say to hell with it and dump Marvel. I’ve already dumped DC and with the exception of the aforementioned Sandman, I won’t be getting anything from them in the future.”

Thankfully, David is still working in comics, with the first issue of his All-New X-Factor hitting stands today!

“I also predict that there will be no Astro City in 2013 either, another exception I would make for DC.”

Also thankfully, Astro City did hit the stands, and is maintaining a regular schedule!

“There will be no new Marvelman either. That’s another easy one.”

While a Miracleman series was solicited, where’s still a ways away from actual new material, though at the rate they’re reprinting the old work, Marvel should get to the new Gaiman/Buckingham stories by early 2015.

“Digital comics won’t make any inroads in terms of sales numbers this year, but a lot of bloggers will still moan about it.”

Like I noted yesterday, I don’t know enough about the sales to answer this intelligently. And are bloggers complaining about this? I really don’t know.

“Comics based movies are due for a big drop off. They’ll still make loads of money, which the creators of said characters will still not see a dime of, but the quality level will drop and burnout will start to set in.”

I am sure the crash is coming, but they’re still doing well, and I think we’re at the point where a real stinko of a superhero movie will just mean people saying “boy, that movie was terrible,” and not “boy, ALL SUPERHERO MOVIES are terrible.” I think the genre has a little life left. We’ll see what happens after Man of Steel 2 does.

• • •

Thelonious_Nick comes at me with:

“1) After a huge, commercially-successful 2012, superhero movies will have an off-year in 2013, prompting articles with titles like ‘The End of the Superhero Movie Era?'”

As discussed in my first predictions post this year, and also just above, they’re still doing great. $1.2 billion for Iron Man 3. Freakin’ IRON MAN.

“2) Marvel NOW will suffer from over-pricing and over-shipping and sales on several titles will slip. Superior Spider-Man will be foremost among these when readers don’t take a non-Peter Parker Spider-Man.”

Well, I know each time they add another Avengers title, sales across the board on the Avengers franchise take a hit. But despite being on a “whenever the hell they feel like it” schedule, Superior Spider-Man is still holding strong.

“3) Walking Dead and Saga will regularly reach top 10 in monthly sales, with at least one other new Image/Dark Horse/IDW title joining them by year’s end.”

Looking at Diamond’s charts, Walking Dead was regularly in the top 10 to 20, and Saga in the top 20 to 30, so they are doing pretty well, if not exclusively top 10 ranking.

At the end of the year (the November chart, the latest available) Walking Dead is at #13 and #14, and the next indie on the list is Unity #1 (which had a special deal for retailers, likely boosting its numbers way up). Then at 28 is The Star Wars, which ain’t too bad in a month dominated by Batman books and event titles and a new Harley Quinn comic.

• • •

And I think that uses up my daily allotment of Internetting for today. Be back tomorrow for more endless blocks of text!

Your 2013 Predictions, Part Two: Hell on Earth.

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Okay, here we go with Part Two of looking back at your predictions for 2013 (part one being yesterday, but how could you forget). Also, I just realized that technically Part Two should be called “Hellbound,” but I used “The Hellbound Heart” yesterday which wasn’t the title of the first Hellraiser film, but actually the title of the original Clive Barker short story that inspired the films, but I liked how that sounded but didn’t want to use “Hellbound” twice in a row. So there.

Sure, that didn’t make me sound like a crazy person. I’m still looking for 2014 predictions, however, which does make me sound like a crazy person. NOW, THE PREDICTIONS:

Bear growls:

“1. Despite positive critical reviews, the relaunched Valiant universe will fold by year’s end. This will be a great pity.”

It’s still hanging in there. It’s not pulling huge numbers that I can see, looking at Diamond’s market share charts, but it has its following.

“2. Peter Parker will return to life in 2013′s summer crossover.”

Would have thought so, too, but I guess we’re waiting for the next movie before this happens.

“3. The New52 will continue, despite nobody really wanting it to.”

I don’t expect this particular publishing initiative is going to go away anytime soon…as discussed on this site in the past, and probably by other people, too, I don’t know, I don’t pay attention, the New 52 push smells like “last chance for the current publishing paradigm.” If this doesn’t work, as much as some of y’all out there don’t like the New 52, I’m going to bet you really won’t like whatever it is that comes next.

• • •

His name’s Jeff R. and he’s here to say / he’s got some predictions for me to survey:

“1. A DC Implosion! In December, they’ll be shipping less than 42 books in the main universe, and also be pushing less product under other imprints as well.”

I was just wondering the other day if DC is still actually publishing 52 ongoing New 52 titles, or if maybe they’re sliding by with, like, 48 and hoping nobody notices. So I’m going to pull out the latest Previews and count right now. Hold on.

Okay, it looks we have 45 ongoing New 52 titles (some on their last issue, as of the Jan 2014 Previews, four New 52 minis (the Forever Evil family) and the Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller one-shot, which I’m presuming will have the “New 52″ slug on the cover as well. That makes 50, unless we’re also counting that Black Canary/Zatanna graphic novel, but I don’t know if that’ll have the New 52 banner on the cover or not. I don’t think I miscounted, but please double-check my work. At any rate, it’s a little short of 52, but maybe they plan on loading up some new title launches for February 2014 to get their numbers back up.

Everything else (the media tie-ins, the Digital First library, the Vertigo stuff) seems to be at around their usual population numbers.

“2. New Grendel for the 30th Anniversary.”

Alas, no! I’m always up for new Grendel.

“3. Speaking of Anniversaries, there’ll be a 20th Anniversary edition of Understanding Comics with new material.”

No new edition (egads, 20 years already?) but still a great book.

“4. The Trinity War will replace War of the Gods as the go-to reference for ‘botched line-wide crossover’. (DC won’t let anything be late this time, though, so the failure will be in the form of obvious-rush-job fill-ins.)”

I always kind of thought “Genesis” was the gold standard there, but “War of the Gods” ain’t bad, either. Trinity War still seems to be doing okay thus far, though there is the occasional scheduling hiccup with the main Justice League title being off by a week now and again, but that’s just par for the course on that title.

“5. Marvel will revive the Untold Legends of Spider-Man title in order to have something starring Peter Parker when the second Amazing movie comes out.”

They did have that Amazing Spider-Man #700.1-.5 mini with Peter Parker, published just in time for a hardcover to be produced before the movie, because God knows there’s not enough comics starring Peter Parker they could package for proper movie-sales exploitation. But if Parker isn’t back as Spider-Man in time for the movie, yeah, I expect a new title will be launched.

I mean, a new title will be launched anyway whenever PP comes back, so that Superior will stay on the stands as well. This is Marvel we’re talking about.

“6. No Multiversity this year.”

And that’s a real bummer, too. Maybe this year, he said hopefully!

“7. No Marvelman this year, either.”

It was solicited…well, Miracleman was. Close enough!

“8. Guardians of the Galaxy will do as badly as a movie with that sort of promotion can do.”

It’s not out yet, but reaction sure was mixed on that mid-credits preview attached to Thor 2, especially from the director of Thor 2.

“9. Either DC Challenge II or Secret Wars III or something equally retro-goofy as those concepts will happen.”

I would have loved either of these, particularly if some of the creators from the ’70s and ’80s were involved. We did get Batman ’66…not really the same kind of book, but certainly retro-goofy in a great way. Um…Age of Ultron #1 had a chromium cover!

“10. Income from Digitally distributed comics will increase less than 3% over last year, and may in fact decline.”

I have no idea, I have to admit. It’s my understanding that this kind of information is kept pretty close to the chest, so who knows how well or not-well things are doing in that arena. Maybe someone out there can help!

• • •

Pal Andres (whom I haven’t seen in a while…come back, Andres, we miss you!) says:


Yup. There were zombies, all right. The Walking Dead comic is still going strong, though going biweekly did drop our sales on them by about 1/5, like what happens nearly every time a publisher decides to flood the market with something that was popular. Don’t worry though, guys, I’m sure those golden eggs are in that goose somewhere.

But it looks like we’re stuck with the zombie media madness for a while yet, even if Marvel’s curtailed their Marvel Zombies titles for the moment.

• • •

Jay V commands:

“Doctor Doom gets a fatal disease and switches minds with Aunt May. After sharing her memories, he vows to become a better Aunt May than she ever was and thus is born the SUPERIOR AUNT MAY!!!”

Now that you’ve said it, it’s only a matter of time.

• • •

Gordon pals around with:

“1) Marvel NOW will actually show some slight increase in comic sales, and there will be another slight ‘revamp’ within the next year.”

Marvel’s numbering shenanigans (like this whole “Avengers #24 = Avengers Now #1″ or whatever) is just about to begin, with some actual restarts and new #1s coming this new year. Marvel’s sales according to the Diamond market share reports have held mostly steady, but we’ll see if this parade of yet another slew of #1s, seemingly all Avengers titles (NOTE: sarcasm), will do well.

“2) DC will slowly, but surely, phase more of their ‘older’ continuity into books, making the occasional reference (like Superman Red/Superman Blue) in an effort to appeal as much to the ‘older’ comics fan as much as their current fanbase.”

Sort of discussed yesterday, with some reaction in the comments like Green Arrow reviving his old look, or what I said about the old Swamp Thing making an appearance. It’s not so much reviving old continuity as nods to what has come before, I think.

“3) Two words: AFTER WATCHMEN”

I’ll get my Seymour solo book yet.

• • •

philip wishes:

“Superman will get his old costume back.”

Like we mentioned yesterday…he’s out there in his old costume, but not in New 52 continuity. But we’ll take what we can get!

• • •

Robert in New Orleans tries to kill me with:

“There will be no Marvel Now title where the originally announced artist has completed 12 consecutive issues on schedule.”

Oh Lordy, I’m going to have to research this when I get a chance. I did spotcheck a title or two where it looked like the original artist didn’t make it through the whole year, but I don’t know if that’s necessarily the case across the board.

“Uncanny Avengers will become a notoriously & extremely late off-schedule title until Cassaday’s tenure is over (after issue 5, I believe).”

Cassaday made it to #4, with a six week gap between 1 and 2 (in 2012), and almost two months between 2 and 3 (from 11/28/12 to 1/23/13). After that it was the usual Marvel scheduling of maybe monthly, maybe every three weeks, you know, whatever.

“By January 1 2014, readers will be no happier overall with the Marvel Now relaunch than they are now with the New 52.”

People certainly still complain about DC more than Marvel, at least online. There’s grumbling about Marvel’s stupid numbering and renumbering, but overall customers still seem to be happy with the books they’re reading.

“Kickstarter will have acquired a dubious reputation as a means of publishing comics due to egregious delays and non-delivery of finished projects. To the point that unknown and lesser known creators will no longer find it a practical method for funding.”

I haven’t noticed a serious ding in Kickstarter’s reputation, though there is some increasing awareness of the occasional glitch in the system from folks screwing with the donation process, some folks not delivering, etc. That appears to be more growing pains that a serious problem, from what I can tell. The couple of times I’ve participated, it’s worked out okay for me (I mean, check this out!), but keep your eyes open and use your best judgement when it comes to giving people you don’t know money. Except me. Just throw as much money as you can at me.

“Dave Sim will return to prominence in the comic book industry & readership consciousness and will be acknowledged as a living master of the form.”

Not yet, but he did do some swell Doctor Who covers (with the occasional adjusting from the BBC).

“Chris Samnee will draw and have published 16 monthly comics proving that hard work and talent are still valued by publishers and fans.”

I don’t think he did 16, but he did a lot of great work on Daredevil and I know I valued it!

“Peter Parker’s mind will still not be back in possession of his own body.”

Still floating out there in the ozone, alas.

“Swamp Thing’s sales numbers will drop once Scott Snyder leaves the title as will Animal Man’s once the Rot crossover concludes. By the end of 2013 both books will be heading towards cancellation (sorry Mike).”

Animal Man is about to end, so right you are there. Swamp Thing is still doing okay for us, but I have noticed a slight dip in sales. I’d better start buying four copies of each issue instead of the usual three.

“Batman & Superman will still be wearing their New 52 underwear-less costumes. Bleh.”

Bleh, indeed. Though I don’t mind Batman so much. Even Superman’s costume I’m getting used to, save for that stupid collar.

“Mike Sterling will start another new blog documenting a recently discovered hoard of Alan Moore’s 1980’s tax returns & accounting paperwork during the crucial period he wrote tales concerning one muck-encrusted mockery of a man. On this blog, he also makes room for the dry cleaning receipts of Ernie Bushmiller.”

Well, I am thinking about doing a new site. But what…what could it be?

• • •

On that note, I bid you adios ’til tomorrow, where we’ll cover more predictions and maybe I’ll actually research some answers this time. And, if you have any corrections/additional information, feel free to drop ‘em in the comments, and we’ll discuss them down the line.

Your 2013 Predictions, Part One: The Hellbound Heart.

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Well, here we are, looking back at your comic industry predictions for 2013. This is probably part one of mumbletymumble, so you’d better get used to it. Also, I’m still looking for 2014 predictions so we can do all this again next year.


Derooftrouser, whose handle I’ve wondered about for years, predicts

“Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Man of Steel do well at the box office, but not quite as well as expected, and The Wolverine somehow manages to make less money than Origins, leading to lots of headlines going ‘Zap! Pow! Superheroes are Box Office Kryptonite.'”

I think, if anything, Iron Man 3 outdid expectations, being the highest grossing film of 2013 at $1.2 billion worldwide. Of course, some executive somewhere may have slammed his fist down onto his massive desk and shouted “DAMMIT, I wanted $1.3 billion!” Man of Steel made just shy of $700 million in its worldwide take, and the Thor sequel brought in $630 million, which aren’t numbers to sneeze at, surely, but again, someone somewhere was probably hoping for an Avengers-esque phenomenon (particularly in the case of Man of Steel) and didn’t get it.

The Wolverine did about $400 million, which was a bit more than its predecessor…at least worldwide. By U.S. takes alone, The Wolverine is the lowest grossing, but including international ticket sales, it’s solidly in the middle.

At any rate, a whole lot of people who aren’t me are making a lot of money, so let’s move on.

• • •

Roger Green greened

“Someone will put a mass killing of children in a comic book, and unlike every other mass killings in comics, this will engender some controversy.”

I was totally ready to say “pretty close to a ‘hit’ there” but the story I was thinking of occurred in 2012. There were a fair share of public controversies over comics this year, but nothing specifically involving that particular topic. Matter of time, probably.

• • •

Michael Jones revealed

“I predict that I won’t read any comics over the following year but I’ll continue to enjoy Progressive Ruin.”

Well, I don’t know if Mr. Jones read any comics in 2013, but I know for a fact nobody enjoys this site.

• • •

MrJM has a lot to say, and what he says is:

“1. Kal-El’s supertrunks will return.”

Well, kind of. Not in official DC Comics continuity, but there they are in media tie-ins and the continuity-free Adventures of Superman series.

“2. The Dick Tracy comic strip will continue to baffle and entrance me.”

Hey, Joe Staton’s doing the strip! I’m entranced now!

“3. A major newspaper will discover that, ‘Bop! Zip! Comics aren’t just for kids anymore!’ while continuing to run strips that appeal solely to pre-literate children and octogenarians.”

A brief Googling reveals some news stories along those lines, but not too many. No idea if they’re in print or just online, but it’s good to see some old reporting traditions continue.

“4. Bully the Little Stuffed Bull will once again be my favorite superhero.”

Yes. He should be everyone‘s favorite.

“5. Plastic Crimewave’s rock and roll history comics — — will inspire a cartoonist to document other overlooked figures in pop culture.”

No idea if those did specifically, but there are similar projects out there and the more the merrier, sez I.

“6. Marvel will, at long last, acknowledge that the Avengers were co-created by Stan Lee and Walt Disney.”

Geez, I thought everyone knew that.

• • •

Dean Hacker schools us with

“1. DC will begin quietly backing away from the new 52. They’ll revive some bits of old continuity and then re-relaunch a character that is a full-blown throw-back. The smart money is on Green Arrow, but don’t rule out Superman.”

Little bits of old continuity creep in here and there (like the pre-New 52 Swamp Thing popping up recently), but no full-on Return to What Was with anyone, far as I can tell.

“2. Marvel will roll out a big wave of cancellations and everyone will start questioning the commitment of the Disney folks to comics as a medium. Then, they’ll kill someone off and everyone will forget.”

Marvel is currently in the process of canceling and relaunching and / or renumbering or whatever the hell it is they’re doing, and I don’t know if they’re trying to shore up the bottom line on their publishing end to keep Disney from cutting it entirely or what.

“3. Image will launch a creator-owned title from a formerly exclusive Big Two talent that will be much bigger than expected.”

Rick Remender used to be exclusive to Marvel, and his recent Image book Black Science opened big, I think. And Matt Fraction was exclusive to Marvel at one point as well, and his Sex Criminals has been in enough demand to warrant reprints of the first three issues (the latest due out this Wednesday at your local comic book shops…and for the love of God, look at that fourth printing of #1!). So, yeah, they’re not Walking Dead-huge or anything (but what is?), but it ain’t too shabby.

“4. Dark Horse will lose the Star Wars license to Marvel, who will promise to roll out a new line of Star Wars comics. It won’t happen. Meanwhile, the Dark Horse folks will replace Star Wars with Battlestar Galactica (or something).”

SO CLOSE. We all figured this was a done deal, but wasn’t officially announced ’til a couple of days into 2014. Too early to say how Marvel will drop the ball on this, or what Dark Horse will do to replace the franchise in their publishing schedule, but check back in 2015 for details!

“5. Superhero movies will start to seem a bit past their prime as at least one hyped Marvel sequel tanks and the rest of the slate disappoints.”

As discussed previously…not yet!

• • •

Bill Gatevackes unleashes:

“1. There will be at least 3 more ‘waves’ of the new 52. In one these waves, there will be a Kamandi book,a WWII superhero book, and new take on one of the books that were in an earlier wave yet was cancelled.”

It didn’t feel like there were “waves” of New 52 replacements like there had been in the first couple of years of this particular publishing effort. But sadly, no new Kamandi title, no new WWII title, superhero or otherwise. Nor were there any attempted revivals of previously-deceased New 52 books, but characters like OMAC and Frankenstein did pop up again, frequently, so at least there’s that!

“2. Peter Parker will be dead for the whole year, though the prelude to his inevitable return will begin in the fourth quarter of 2013.”

Still dead, not counting the flashback storyline in the stupidly-numbered Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 – #700.5. I don’t know if they’re dropping hints to Parker’s return in the Superior titles, since I don’t read them. Maybe one of you can tell me.

“3. Marvel will kill of two more major characters in the next year, one will get major press, the other won’t.”

I cheated a bit and Wiki-ed Marvel deaths, and didn’t see any deaths of “major” characters, aside from one or two that will probably be reversed soon, if not already. Anyway, there weren’t any big stinks this year over supposed character deaths at Marvel, which is fine by me. People are tired of that “plot” “development” anyway.

“4. Issues will come out regarding the new Neil Gaiman Sandman series centering on corporate involvement in the creative process. It might actually cause the project to end up being scrapped.”

Well, there were delays, and I guess a signing tour for a book is a kind of corporate interference, but probably not what you meant. It’s still coming out, though!

“5. Image will continue to build on their line of popular, respectable books, and might rise to such a stature that the challenge DC and Marvel for sales dominance. However, unlike the 1990s, this time they wont fade away so quickly.”

Image has certainly put out its fair share of quality books, but (aside from Walking Dead sales) it’s not quite at Big Two sales levels yet. A brief glance at Diamond’s market share charts shows Marvel and DC pretty much neck and neck, with Image a distant third. Still, they’re doing fairly well.

“6. Disney will buy Hasbro, returning G.I.Joe and Transformers comics back to Marvel. IDW will be able to withstand the loss by adding more original content and expanding the licensed content the already have.”

That would have been interesting, and not a bad prediction, but nope! But someday, Disney will own everything and your prediction will, by default, become true, so don’t feel too badly.

“7. This was the first time in history that there were three comic book adaptations in the top ten highest grossing films of the year (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Amazing Spider-Man). In 2013, there will be four films in the list. If not more.”

Well, looking at this list of top films for 2013, there are only two comic book movies that made the top ten cut: Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel, with Thor: The Dark World at #12.

• • •

swamp mark gives us:

1. Without Snyder,Swamp Thing will be cancelled around issue #29.He will make guest appearances in JLDark after that until Lemire leaves that book and it is cancelled too.

The solicit for Swamp Thing #29 doesn’t say “LAST ISSUE” and it kicks off a three-parter, so we’re good at least for a little while longer!

2. A Swampy movie will finally be made based on Moore’s work (which he will disavow) which will be a huge sleeper hit and cause DC to start up a half dozen different Swampy titles.

Ah, if only. So I guess we still only have Return of Swamp Thing as the only Swamp Thing movie at least partially based on Alan Moore’s work.

3. Mike and I will be seen dancing in the streets.

Alas, no one saw us. It will only be in our memories, and our memories alone, swamp mark.

• • •

On that note, let’s leave off for today, and we’ll pick up again tomorrow, hopefully. We’ll get through this together, my friends…and again, I’m still looking for your 2014 predictions so send ‘em in!

Here’s hoping none of you will be strangled by a green monster wearing an orange robe in the new year.

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Well, here we are again. It’s the end of the year, and I’m asking you, yes, you, to give me your comic industry predictions for the nigh-imminent year of 2014. Please leave your predictions in the comments to this post, but please note New Rule #4 in the following bolded text:

1. Don’t read the other predictions before entering your own.

2. Don’t criticize other people’s predictions.

3. Don’t predict any real person’s death.


Sorry, gang, I need to streamline the process a bit so I don’t spend the entirety of 2015 responding to all of the 2014 predictions. Speaking of which…I’ll be going over your 2013 forecasts starting next week, so consider yourself warned.

Anyway, I always enjoy seeing what you have to say, so please, drop your ideas in my little ol’ comments section here, and I’ll sit on ‘em ’til next year and see how everyone did then. Thanks, pals!

Adventures into the Unknown #12 (August/September 1950) – cover art by Ogden Whitney – image from the Grand Comics Database

Okay, let’s wrap this sucker up: PART FOUR.

§ January 14th, 2013 § Filed under predictions § 7 Comments

Responding to last year’s predictions. Asking for 2013 predictions. LET’S CONTINUE:

MrJM predicts

“In 2012, I will once again spend more money on hard liquor than on comic books.”

Oddly enough, once we opened the speakeasy in the back of the shop, so did we!

• • •

CW stated

“I predict Nickelodeon will debut an animated series based on the ‘Crossed’ comic books from Avatar Press.”

I can’t help but suspect that prediction was less than sincere. But I bet if someone ever does do a Crossed media adaptation, one of the comic’s fans will complain about how the movie/TV show/whatever isn’t nearly violent/gross enough.

• • •

Bear bared

“1. Bendis’ departure from the Avengers titles will result in a relaunch featuring the ‘classic’ line-up. This team will add new members swiftly, become a bloated mess, spawn many tie-ins and generally be met with a feeling of ‘Wow, never thought I’d miss Bendis.’ The titles will be relaunched again.”

Well, there certainly are a lot of Avengers titles. With a movie that made a billion and a half dollars, Marvel’s sure is gonna hitch a whole lot of four-color wagons to that star. In the meantime, it seems to be more or less continuing from where everything left off, just with the old issue numbers filed off and “#1″ stenciled in. I haven’t read them, but it’s Hickman on scripts and he ain’t bad from what I’ve read on other comics, so who knows. The main Avengers title is still the “here are the characters you’ve loved in movies, including Spider-Man and Wolverine” one, it looks like. It’s not quite a bloated mess yes, but give it time.

“2. The New 52 will continue. New titles will be added, old titles will be cancelled, and blogs will still be filled with commenters swearing the whole thing was a mistake and the old universe will return any day now.”

All true. Hell, in this comments section alone people are predicting the Old DCU’s return.

• • •

Bret jumps in with

“All political disputes will be decided by THUNDERDOME.”

This is the world I want to live in. Why the last election wasn’t Obama and Romney in heated battle with Tina Turner presiding, I have no idea.

“Comics will continue to shrink in market share and rise in price. Night of the Owls will not be very good.”

It looks like the comics market is more or less holding steady. Prices are very slowly creeping upwards, though. “Night of the Owls,” from all accounts, is highly regarded, but I haven’t had time to read it and judge myself, so maybe you’re right there, too!

“Avengers and the Dark Night Rises will unexpectedly cross over in the middle. No-one will know why.”

BANE: “You thing this gives you power over me?”

THOR: “No…I think this does!” (hits Bane with Mjolnir)

• • •

DavidG reveals

“Someone will do a massive crossover event in which the hook is the world is going to end in December 2012. The world will not actually end. The event will be lame, and all the new characters and reboots that come out of it will suck.”

I am really, honestly surprised this did not happen. I know December 2012 stuff was a plot point here and there in older comics, but I didn’t see anything dealing with it in, you know, real time.

• • •

Cole had a funny comment that I’m just going to link to here.

• • •

My old friend-in-real-life Batfatty contributes

“DC will stage a multi-universe, apocalyptic story all to retcon the editorial disaster of doing away with Batman’s outer underwear.”

Man, all I am picturing now is “CRISIS OF INFINITE UNDERPANTS” and Superman is wearing Batman’s black shorts and Batman is in Supes’ red shorts and it’s all very embarrassing.

• • •

Mike Zeidler reminds me

“Mike Sterling will finally get around to reviewing the ultra-special edition super-long director’s omnibus cut of the Watchmen movie.”

Er…no, not in 2012 I’m very sorry

• • •

Dwayne the canoe guy rows by with

“In All-Star Western we will see a story where Jonah Hex sires a bastard child for Harvey Dent’s ancestor, a storyline that was declined for Jonah Hex V2.”

I don’t think that happened, after some brief Googling (since I don’t follow the title), but maybe someone who knows can fill me in.

“Sluggo will be challenged to a deathmatch by Tubby. During the battle they will be struck by lightning as they fall into the lake and will emerge as the moss encrusted mockery of merged small boys known as Swamp Slubby. Little Lulu and Nancy will join forces and enlist the aid of Gyro Gearloose to help stop Swamp Slubby from killing Unca Scrooge, for whatever knows greed burns at Swamp Slubby’s TOUCH!”

This all absolutely happened, in House of Dell Comics #92.

“Also, the lost 192 minutes of the Jonah Hex film will be found and the movie will be recut and released by the Cohen Bros. The film will be a commercial and critical success and Megan Fox will appear for only ten seconds where she opens the door and Hex shoots her dead while saying ‘Yuh trade easy, woman.’ Crowds will cheer.”

Oh sweet jumping Judas on a pogo stick, 192 minutes is, like, what, eight, ten times the length of the actual film? Would it have killed them to shoot another, say, half-hour with Hex in a post-apocalyptic future? Were they afraid that would make it a bad movie?

• • •

Longtime customer of mine Rob foresees

“Doom & gloom variety: I predict that yet another title I really enjoy will be cancelled. Because that’s how I affect the comics industry. In the worst case version, it would be Sweet Tooth, which is one of my favorite books.”

Well, hate to tell you this, but, um, yeah.

“Hope & change variety: My one man crusade to get people to read more odd comics (usually from Fantagraphics) continues to pick up steam, helping Mike sell maybe 4 or 5 more volumes over the course of the year. Fine, in truth, they’ll probably all be bought by me.”

Oh, I’ll get your money.

• • •

Dave daves

“1) Image comics will rise in prominence and market share, led by Millar and Quitely’s Jupiter’s Children (the first issue of which will be in the Diamond Top 20) and supported by a number of high-quality under-the-radar comics that will finally start to catch on. Oh, and Walking Dead collections, which will continue to sell in huge numbers.”

Alas, that comic didn’t come out last year. Maybe this year! And while Image has certainly cranked out a lot of stuff, not a whole lot of it has really caught on. But Walking Dead certainly still is selling like gangbusters. (Though, come to think of it, how did Gang Busters sell?)

“2) DC will lower the standard price on their digital comics backlist (older than 1-year) to 99¢. Other publishers will follow, except (stubbornly) Marvel. Day-and-date digital comics will continue to be priced at cover price.”

I know one digital company regularly offers 99-cent sales on backlist comics, but that’s not a consistent thing. Day-and-dates, still at cover, I believe.

“My pie-in-the-sky prediction: Fantagraphics announces a Matt Howarth’s Complete Bugtown project, with chronological collections of Howarth’s Bugtown stuff in several huge (300-400 page) volumes.”

Not yet!

• • •

That Augie guy tries to muscle into my own website (hey, you got your own column!) with

“Oh, what the hell? This might be fun:”

It started out as fun, but I will never be free of these prediction posts. NEVER.

“Marvel or DC will go direct-digital with a comic that was unprofitable in print and had to be canceled, just to burn off the completed inventory and justify a collected edition. They’ll mess it all up completely, though, by charging digital buyers the full $2.99 or $3.99 cover price. It won’t sell, but the collected edition will still see print.”

…Not that I know about, but I expect this is an option the publishers are keeping in mind.

“The ‘Hawk and Dove’ TPB will include the 7th and 8th issues. (It’s due out in August, so there’s plenty of time to change its contents yet.)”

A HIT! It does indeed contain those two issues.

“A lower-priced iPad will be seen as a great boon to digital comics and sales will rise, though not exponentially. We’ll never know, though, since the publishers don’t divulge that information.”

Maybe not iPads, but there are quite a few lower-priced tablets competing with them…perhaps they are driving more comic sales, but like you say, who knows?

“Diamond won’t go bankrupt, though at least two major Steve Geppi-related Financial Difficulty stories this year will start raising that question again.”

Diamond’s still around…I haven’t heard any rumors along these lines recently, but maybe I just haven’t had my ear to the ground enough.

“Diamond Digital will flop and be canceled as a cost-cutting move, though Diamond will deny that reason.”

Diamond Digital is still hanging in there!

“DC and Marvel will cut costs by signing fewer exclusives and letting many of them lapse. A new rush of ‘mainstream’ creators will start creator-owned works at Image as a result. By this time next year, an entire wing of Image Comics will look like Marvel/DC 2010. Kirkman will grab at least three of those big names for Skybound.”

I haven’t heard much news on the exclusives front…at least, they don’t seem to be making as big a deal about them anymore. And there doesn’t seem to be a huge influx of Marvel/DC guys yet…at least, not enough to note it as a trend.

“I will write another 52 Pipeline columns.”

WRONG! You wrote 54! …Well, okay, technically, you did write 52…plus two extra. I guess I’ll let you have that one.

“The lack of diversity in superhero comics will continue to show itself, with no diabetic characters introduced in 2012.”

Not that we know of, at any rate. (Though I would bet money…well, someone else’s money…that it’s been done for some kind of educational comics, somewhere!)

“With the Avengers and Batman movies coming out this year, the Superman movie will be forgotten until it suddenly shows up one Friday night when nobody is looking. Only the nerds will skip ‘Brides Maids II’ or ‘Hangover III’ to see it.”

They wisely pushed it back a bit, so there’s a chance it won’t get lost in the hype for the other films. We can all enjoy shortsless Superman without being reminded we saw better movies just recently.

• • •

Adam Farrar reveals

“After Avengers vs. X-Men: Loeb will write a new on-going, probably Cable. The Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning cosmic stories (last seen as the two Annihilators mini-series which ended the last week of 2011) will not continue but be replaced with a new Nova series.”

There is a new Cable series, but not by Loeb. And there certainly is a new Nova ongoing, which I never would have predicted. That’s by Loeb.

“Some softball pitches to coordinate with the Avengers movie: Hawkeye will get an on-going title. Loki will get a mini-series that has nothing to do with the Journey to Mystery title.”

Well done on Hawkeye, no new Loki mini yet but it’s only a matter of time.

“DC will do an Amethyst title that will hopefully be all-ages and self-contained.”

Well…you were half-right.

“The relaunch of the Extreme titles will mean Alan Moore’s ‘Supreme: Story of the Year’ will finally be back in print.”

Would love to have Moore’s Supreme back in print. Sadly, it didn’t happen.

“The new Watchmen comics will be a huge financial success.”

More a so-so success, probably not worth the grief DC got over it.

“DC’s recruitment of Marvel’s creators from the 1990s will continue with new work from Danny Fingeroth, Terry Kavanagh”

Sadly, no…Danny’s doing his own thing, teaching comics writing and such, and Terry is apparently one of the folks behind this online game site.

• • •

Pal Andres sez, he sez

“DC’s $2.99 line will crack no later than mid-year.”

A couple of titles went from $2.99 to $3.99, and a few new titles started at the $3.99 price point, so the slow creep continues! …Andres also made a whole bunch of Doctor Who predictions that I’m pretty sure all came true.

• • •

Richard J. Marcej unveils

“DC will continue producing 52 separate monthly titles, canceling titles but quickly replacing them with new books that keep the total at 52.”

This is indeed what’s happening.

“In December DC will announce that starting in 2014 they’ll no longer be printing monthly comics but will instead produce 52 separate 80 page books (done in the same format as ‘Love & Rockets’) retailing each at $14.99. So the 52 different monthly titles will now be 52 weekly (one book a week) 80 page TPB.”

Not announced, but I can see this as a direction the publishers can go to get around the rising costs of monthly books. Assuming, of course, they don’t abandon print entirely and go straight to digital.

• • •

Señor Editor (AKA Professor Booty) edited

“Ghost Rider will be relaunched, with Johnny Blaze as the book’s protagonist.”

I’m very surprised we’ve gone this long without a Ghost Rider book. Give it more time.

“A new, rebooted and more realistic Wolverine movie will be in the works. Hugh Jackman won’t be starring as Wolverine this time, though.”

We’re still getting a Wolverine flick at some point, but Jackman remains the star. Good, I like him as Wolverine. It might be a bit weird if he’s still doing it when he’s, like, eighty.

“Much like in that one Brad Pitt movie, Mike Sterling will continue looking younger and younger and nobody will find it odd at all.”

Absolutely true.

“The Avengers books without Bendis won’t sell nearly as well.”

All the Avengers titles pretty much tanked in the final lead-up to the ends of the series in the face of Marvel Now, so it wouldn’t take much for them to sell better. And, by and large, they’re selling okay for now.

• • •

Rob S. had this to say:

“DC will announce the expansion of the Earth 2 books in the new 52 (currently Earth 2 and World’s Finest) to include a separate book set in the past, with superheroes fighting Nazis. It might or might not be called “All-Star Squadron.'”

I’d read that. Didn’t happen, but I’d read it.

“DC will slowly add more back-ups to its books (and raising the price to $3.99), including Green Lantern, Flash, and Justice League International.”

Like I said above, we’re getting the slow creep (Batman got the $3.99 w/backup treatment). Justice League International, alas, never had a chance to do so.

“More Milestone and Wildstorm properties are given a shot at a title. We’ll see Icon, Shadow Cabinet, and Zealot.”

…I’d love to see a new Icon series. But we did get Team 7, and Ravagers includes a Wildstorm character or two.

“Steph Brown and Cass Cain fans will continue to be disappointed and vocal. Heckler fans will continue to be disappointed and quiet.”

Fans are always disappointed. Except Heckler fans, who are just crazy.

“We’ll see a Wally West, Kyle Rayner, Connor Hawke team-up. Alternate Earth or DC Comics Presents reprint?”

Neither, I’m afraid!

• • •

Boosterific boosts

“Bah, I’m already over 2012! I’m skipping ahead to 2013: Progressive Ruin will run a fortnight’s worth of blog posts recapping the reviews for 2012 in a disorganized, rambling manner that will be equal parts un-illuminating and hilarious.”

Well, slightly less than a fortnight, anyway. And I’d like to think I’m a little illuminating, even if I’m not very bright.

• • •

Valdemiro gives us

“In 2012 Brian Michael Bendis finally collaborates with Kevin Maguire on the Avengers. They then create a headshot panel so beautiful it makes mere mortals weep.”

I’d like to see a Kevin Maguire Avengers series. Unfortunately, they’d just start yet another brand new Avengers series rather than put him on an already-going Avengers title.

• • •

Glitchy glitches

“DC will suddenly discover the pre-teen girl ‘princess’ market (possibly thanks to the Super Best Friends and Amethyst shorts). Because of this, editorial mandate revamps Starfire back to something closer to her animated Teen Titans persona.”

Hasn’t happened yet, but it really, really should.

“This also leads to a My Little Pony/DC cross over that just defied all forms of logic, but was very pastel.”

C’mon: “Comet the Superhorse meets My Little Pony!” It’s a natural!

• • •

Kid Kyoto isn’t kidding with

“DC will try a black and white manga-style phone book anthology with several 100 pages each month. The best series from that will then be colored and reprinted in TPBs.”

Another viable option for when the monthly 32-pagers go south. Hasn’t happened…yet.

“Real publishers like Scholastic Books will continue to make OGNs that outsell anything by DC or Marvel, mainstream comic fans will continue to ignore them.”

Yeah, probably.

“The EXTREME! Studios relaunch (Youngblood etc) will barely put out 3 issues before sinking quietly into the darkness.”

They’re all still hanging around, but just barely (despite critical acclaim for Prophet).

“The Superman film will bomb.”

Maybe next year.

“Superman will be back in his traditional suit about 15 minutes after the film closes.”

I expect that, too.

“New rumors of a Wonder Woman film which go no where.”

We can probably run with this prediction every year.

“The Avengers film will actually be quite good.”

I thought it was a lot of fun! I think a few others thought so as well.

• • •

Ben unleashes

“DC will announce that Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics will end in early 2013, the same month as Batman Incorporated v2 #12 ships. Morrison will simultaneously announce his retirement from writing comic books.”

We’re still a few months away from Batman Inc. #12, but Morrison is ending his runs on both titles this year (with Action imminent). I think he’s sticking around in comics, though…just not necessarily the superhero books.

“The Avengers movie will be mildly entertaining but strangely empty of any engaging emotional content, just like all of Marvel’s movies since Iron Man. The announcement of their post-Avengers movie slate is met by bewilderment (by comic fans) and blank stares (by the general public) as ‘big guns’ like Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are rolled out.”

That certainly is a consistent criticism of the Marvel films…like I said, I did enjoy the Avengers film, but it’s definitely about as deep as a sidewalk puddle after a spring shower. And I think folks are probably okay with the new slate of Marvel films, though they really haven’t been trying to sell them to the public just yet. We’ll see when the films get a little closer to release.

“The Dark Knight Returns animated movie(s) will, like almost all of DC’s DVD movie fare, be entirely unsuitable for kids to watch. But…”

Yeah, that’s probably best with teens and older. But kids will love it just fine, I think!

“…DC will unexpectedly find a long-dormant property that hits big time with the (actual) kids, probably via the DC Nation slot on Cartoon Network. What the hell, lets just say Amethyst. My daughter would *love* that show.”

I think DC Nation has generally been well received, but I don’t know that anything’s really taken off as a “hit.” But that there’s even such a thing as an Amethyst animated short is a victory of some kind.

“China Mieville’s Dial H for Hero revival will be excellent and universally liked by the comics blogosphere, but commercially it will fail dismally and be canceled by issue 8.”

It’s not selling great, but it’s holding on, and people do seem to like it quite a bit.

“Dan Slott will replace Brian Michael Bendis on the Avengers books, as Bendis takes over Amazing Spider-Man. Marvel will continue to pimp the hell out of Matt Fraction despite the fact that (Casanova aside, though that doesn’t even really count) he has never written a good comic book for them.”

OUCH. I think Fraction’s been doing good work over there, at least on the titles of his I read (Fantastic Four, FF, and the very well-received Hawkeye). And there has been plenty of swapping around of writers on the Marvel books, but Slott is still riding that Spider-Man train…um, there’s probably a better way I could have put that.

“The Ultimate Comics ‘free download’ thing is a dismal failure (though we never hear about it) and the whole line is shuttered either in late 2012 or announced to in early 2013.”

I’m not even sure I know about the free download thing. But the Ultimate line is still around, somehow.

“Vertigo will announce that Hellblazer will end with #300 and the death of John Constantine.”

Yes, indeed. I don’t know if it’ll be Constantine’s death, but I think it’s likely…a kind of a final “screw you” to the character’s transfer to the DCU.

“And finally, Sony will release a ‘skin’ for DC Online that make it both bearable to look at and as though it was all drawn by Carmine Infantino. More a wish than a prediction really…”

Man, an Infantino-styled video game. That would be both awesome and strangely terrifying.

• • •

Neil brought forth

“Tony Daniel will be taken off Detective Comics, as they will have found someone even worse.”

DOUBLE-OUCH. He was off Detective with the #0/#12 issues, but I’ll have to let you decide if the new guy is worse. Daniel will be back as the new artist on Action after Morrison leaves.

• • •

random surfer goofyfooted

“Late Dec/early Jan: Mike Sterling will ask people for preditions for 2013. He will comment on the predictions made for 2012. He will say this one is stupid and/or pointless.”

Nope, I’d say you’re 100% on target.

• • •

OH THANK GOD I’m done, which I’m sure you’re all thinking, too. Tune in next year when I do it again, reacting to these 2013 predictions, because I’m stupid.

Thanks for contributing, everyone, and, especially, thanks for putting up with these endless posts. I appreciate the readership.

I’m never going to finish this, part 3 of who the heck knows.

§ January 10th, 2013 § Filed under predictions § 8 Comments

Hello, my five remaining readers! We are on to part three of our predictions overview, where I discuss your 2012 predictions from last year, tallying the hits, noting the misses, and totally prevaricating when I’m not sure if it’s a hit or a miss. And, perhaps unwisely, I am still seeking your comics industry predictions for 2013, so get ‘em in there and watch your pal Mike lose his mind next year, too.

Jeff R. gazes across the veil and sees

“We won’t know anything more about the Woman in Purple at the end of 2012 than we know right now.”

We got a few more hints about about Pandora here and there, like in the New 52 Free Comic Book Day thing last year, right? I imagine there’ll be an eventual payoff to this character soon. Plus, she’s popped up in one of this week’s comics, so we’re getting a tiny bit more about her there, anyway.

“Ultimate comics will come to an end, and they’ll probably actually blow up the entire planet/universe as it goes. (Possibly some refugees end up on 616, possibly not.)”

I’m still sort of surprised the Ultimate line is still a thing, but it has its fans, though the line has certainly outlived its initial purpose of “here’s something for people who like our movies but don’t want to be mired in continuity.” Now they all feel like ongoing “What If…?” series, just lacking the Watcher explaining to the reader at the beginning of each issue how this world is subtly different from the Marvel Universe they know.

“X-factor will be cancelled/end. Peter David will end up writing a book in the Avengers franchise.”

X-Factor stuck around, though I can see it going on a hiatus now while David recovers from his recent health issues. David did write an Avengers book this year…Avengers: Season One, a graphic novel available exclusively (at first) through Wal-Mart, of all places, but just offered to comic retailers last month.

“Hellblazer #300 will be the final numbered issue; after that the vertigo version of the character will be in miniseries. There may be a new #1 featuring the DCnu version of the character around the same time.”


“Mage III will be announced.”

Not that I heard…but I desperately wish I had.

“Scott McCloud will release a fourth XXXXXX comics book.”

Took me a second to parse that…ah, you mean like Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, and Making Comics. Sadly, no, but there’s only one book that can follow those first three: DESTROYING COMICS.

• • •
Gareth wished

“All of the TV shows based on comics characters will be cancelled after less than 13 episodes.”

Sadly, no.

• • •
Jerry Smith presented

DC will announce a return to pre-New 52 continuity, featuring the tag-line “The New Old 52.” The new/old line will rerelaunch in January 2013 with all new #1s. Most importantly, Batman and Superman will get their underwear back.

None of the above, unfortunately, but honestly, if they just gaves Supes his hotpants back, that’s all I’d really want.

“IDW, running out of licenses for TV shows, will announce a ‘San Pedro Beach Bums’ comic.”

Surprisingly, no.

“All comics from Marvel and DC will be 32 pages or fewer at $3.99 by December.”

Not for lack of Marvel’s trying, anyway.

“The Vision will be the new break-out character at Marvel, and the Creeper will be the new break-out character at DC. Sorry, that was just wishful thinking.”

Creeper may be a bit too out there to catch on, but I can see the Vision getting that whole “Lt. Data” thing down in a future Avengers film, and getting a following in the funnybooks after that. Alas, it was not his year this year.

“Bendis will publish one issue of Scarlet and one issue of Powers. If that.”

Last issue of Scarlet was #5 in March 2011, with #6 ordered in April 2011 and with the current shipping date of early next month. So, no issues of Scarlet in 2012.

And Powers had four issues in 2012. Hey, that’s basically a quarterly!

“There will be a month where Matt Fraction will write every book published by Marvel that month.”

I’d be down with that if it ever did happen…particularly if each book is written like his Twitter feed.

• • •
Casey whipped out

“DC will go back on the their new continuity in some fundamental way. Hawkman’s continuity will, ironically, be more consistent than any other characters’.”

Lots of folks wanting DC to go back to their previous state, it seems. I’d like that, too, in a way, as I think they could have had excellent comics not beholden to crippling amounts of insular continuity while not outright ignoring it to keep the lifer-fans happy. But, as I think I mentioned before, this initiative feels like DC Comics’ “last shot before being pieced out to licensing departments.” Going back to the way things were would probably be an admission of failure, and (cue dramatic music) The Final Days of DC Comics.

• • •
Rob H has a few predictions that I already see I’m going to have trouble responding to

“The digital exclusivity deals like Amazon/DC and Marvel/BN will end and both comics companies will release pretty much the same content on both devices”

I really don’t know much about that these deals, since I don’t deal with digital at all…a cursory scans shows that a number of the same books are available on both sites, regardless of publisher…Amazon has those volumes of Fables online, and Barnes & Noble does not, at least as far as I can see. Maybe if someone could explain what exactly is being made exclusive.

“Digital comics won’t break out this year, though.”

But they certainly remain a viable option.

“Marvel will release an insane number (like 500+) of digital GNs, while DC keeps their digital GN output relatively low.”

Don’t think so, maybe, but 500 digital graphic novels seems like would be something that someone would have noted. Unless they’re pumping up their library with older material, which is likely. I honestly don’t know.

“Superman Inc.”

I’d buy it, if it existed. Well, that Return of Superman story line with the multiple Supermen…that was pretty much “Superman Inc” in its own way.

“American Vampire, or some new Scott Snyder property, will be optioned and possibly film a pilot.”

Not that I’ve heard, but only a matter of time, I think.

“Walking Dead (the show) gets canceled”

Oh Lordy no. Quite the opposite. It’s the Show That Can’t Be Stopped right now. The showrunners sure don’t last long, though.

“Powers does not get picked up by FX”

According to that great authority on everything, Wikipedia, network heads are still claiming the show is not dead yet. But, still not picked up, so a hit for you, pal!

“Having dropped all Avengers writing, Bendis writes four ongoing X-men titles.”

Just one so far, I think. But it feels like four, what with a new issue coming out every five minutes.

“Having no female-starring titles, Marvel will instead have every team book led by a woman at least once. This means Black Widow will be Captain America for one issue.”

Don’t tell me I missed that.

• • •
Steve laments

“Much like the 2nd Suicide Squad TPB, Resurrection Man will have a 2nd TPB solicited but never actually come out. Thanks DC!”
That sort of thing is happening a lot lately…trades and hardcovers will just quietly slip off the radar and are never heard from again. I don’t recall any Resurrection Man trades, but that new edition of Impulse Volume One just got poopcanned, so those cancellations are still happening.

• • •
Michael G sez

“1. A number of long-time comics bloggers will ‘retire’ from daily or even regular posting as real life pressures and social media interference combine to reduce the significance of keeping a regular blog.”


“2. Fantagraphics will break into digital comics with some version of either Hate or Love & Rockets.”

Well, we’ve got Love and Rockets so far, but no Hate just yet.

“3. ok, I peeked at Jay V’s comment up at the top. Not only will Wonder Girl marry Power Girl, there will be a limited variant edition with them making out on the cover.”

It’ll happen if that’ll happen.

• • •
Dan Wars declared

“Superman gets his regular costume back, Aragones starts doing a new Groo book, Marvel finishes, or at least comes closer to finishing their mini series The Twelve.”

Nope. Almost. And Yup.

• • •
Stephen E. McDonald unleashes

“Superman: The Man Of Steel tanks in its opening weekend, with a domestic return of < $15 million."

Jumping the gun a bit, there! It should tank sometime this year.

“The Avengers opens well, but doesn’t break $100 million in its domestic opening. This throws doubt on future big-budget Marvel movies.”

Had to go check, and holy crow, $207 million opening weekend. Well, you were only off by $100 million.

“Marvel’s production arm starts making plans to do second-string properties at much lower budgets. Ant-Man finally gets a start date, Iron Fist is brought back to life without Ray Park, and someone finally makes a decision on who’s playing Luke Cage. On the TV side, The Hulk and Alias Jessica Jones both die quiet deaths. The Marvel block on Disney XD, however, does very well.”

Ant-Man got a release date, at any rate. There’s still talk about an Iron Fist movie, but a Luke Cage movie seems to be mostly theoretical (and mostly discussed in the context of “Quentin Tarantino wanted to make one”). Hulk and Alias didn’t happen, and the Disney XD seems to be doing okay, I guess, with more shows coming.

“The DC Universe block on Cartoon Network starts out well, but falls off fast.”

It disappeared for a while, if I understand correctly, but it seems to have returned to some fan acclaim. No idea how the actual ratings are.

“By the end of the year 26 of the New 52 will have been canceled following continued writer/artist changes.”

We did lose a few along the way, but not quite that many. There certainly are a lot of creative team jumblings going on, however.

“The Earth-2 Justice Society will finally debut early in the year.”

We did get Earth 2 this year, so I’ll count that as a hit!

“DC will quietly do some resetting of the Nu52 timeline because the five year thing is driving everyone nuts.”

They’re still sticking to the five year thing, more or less (even though it totally doesn’t work with Batman, at the very least). They could have gone, I don’t know…eight years. I could have lived with eight years.

“By the end of the year expect Hal Jordan to be the one true Earth Green Lantern.”

It’s like it’s impossible for this to happen for any length of time.

“Marvel will get the film rights to Fantastic Four back…and not be able to do anything with them.”

Not that I’m aware of. I think the current license holders are still trying to do another FF movie to keep the rights under wraps.

“Squirrel Girl’s profile will continue to rise during the year. By the end of the year she’ll have her own ongoing, a TV pilot, and a porn parody will be in production.”

She was around in New Avengers ’til the end of that run, I guess. Alas, no TV series…and if you think I’m going to Google “squirrel girl porn” to see if that’s happening, guess again. (I leave that to the comic industry’s lead comics-porn reporter, Chris Sims.)

“At MorrisonCon, Grant Morrison will out himself as a three foot tall and remarkably hirsute alien who’s been traveling around wearing a flesh suit for all these years. She will have no explanation as to why the voice translator has a Scottish accent.”


“Marvel will start another Avengers book — featuring Agent Coulson.”

Apparently he’ll be in the new Secret Avengers series…only off by a few months! Nice call.

• • •
Good gravy, that’s enough for today. Come back next time and see how much of Mike’s hair is left.

Okay, I lied, here’s Part Two…

§ January 9th, 2013 § Filed under predictions § 1 Comment

…on Wednesday, instead of Thursday, like I said. Turned out I had a little more free time to write this post than I was expecting. …Well, this is more like Part 1 1/2 because I’m gonna do a short one today, covering just a few more of your 2012 predictions from last year. And remember, I’m still looking for your comic industry predictions for 2013!

Googum googumed

“I don’t think Marvel will cave and do a 52-style relaunch, nor do I think DC’s Vertigo relaunch will take off. (I’d like to be proved wrong on the latter.)”

As noted already yesterday, and as I’m sure some of you have noticed, Marvel did follow DC’s lead in restarting a bunch of their books, only 1) not doing them all at once, and 2) not being a complete reboot, as it was in some cases with the DC titles. …As for Vertigo, if anything, it’s kinda/sorta barely hanging in there, and with the loss of several of its ongoing titles, it’s now pretty much a Fables imprint. Well, okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but c’mon.

“A smaller publisher–IDW, perhaps–will decide to go big on digital, with huge discounts even on day-and-date. There will be a lot of hurt feelings and name-calling, but it’ll probably be successful. The majors will use digital as a try-out for new talent (the way they used to be given annuals or fill-ins) to generate cheap content.”

I don’t know if any indie print publishers went the cheaper-on-day-and-date route (though Stewart has a few things to say about digital discounts, particularly compared to international exchange rates, here)…but I know a lot of publishers are doing plenty of digital-first releases. A handful of DC’s titles are basically just reprints of previously-available digital comics. And just to show you how much I generally pay attention to that sort of thing, I hadn’t realized DC even had that many digital-only comics.

“Whether it’s done for penny-pinching reasons, or to find a scapegoat; Marvel will do some housecleaning this year. Some big names will be politely but firmly shown the door; but their replacements will all be conservative choices.”

Not yet, I don’t think. There certainly are a few names I don’t recognize on some of the bigger titles, but, like, Bendis and Hickman and Waid and Fraction as others are all still doing major work for Marvel.

• • •
Chris K had the following beautiful vision:

“In light of Marvel’s cost-cutting measures and their related unwillingness to keep a strong backlist in print, they will outsource their collected editions department. Due to their strong track record with classy archival editions and, more recently, with Disney properties, Fantagraphics gets the gig. Reality implodes.”

Oh, damn, imagine a Fantagraphics Complete Millie the Model series. Fully recolored. Nice glossy paper. …A tear comes to one’s eye.

• • •
Frowny frowned

“1) Multiversity will fail to appear, and at some point Grant Morrison will get sick of getting jerked around by corporate. (If I remember the pitch correctly, it’s been made impossible by the Crises having never happened anyway.)”

Multiversity still hasn’t popped up, no, but I suspect DC will still publish it anyway, regardless of it not matching up to current New 52 continuity. That would probably be a feature, not a bug.

“2) Alan Moore will say something (possibly sensible, possibly off the deep end, depending on whether or not someone asks about Watchmen) that pisses many people off. The usual suspects will go through the ‘Man, what happened to you, Alan Moore? You used to be cool.’ schtick. Alan Moore will continue to not care.”

I’m not even going to check; I’ll just give you a “hit” on that and move on.

“3) I will hate myself while buying the conclusion to his Supreme as drawn by (ack!) Erik Larsen.”

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself! I’ve plugged Supreme on this site a couple of times…I think it’s a hoot!

• • •
Philip begat

“The ‘big two’ will start to cross the $4 barrier on regular monthly titles.”

Well, there’s a bit of a slow creep, so it’s happening…Batman jumped to $3.99, for example.

“8 of DC’s ‘New 52′ titles will be cancelled.”

Close! I think it was more like 10: Men of War Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., Hawk and Dove, Blackhawks, Static Shock, Voodoo, Captain Atom, Resurrection Man, and Justice League International. And a few more were announced but still have an issue or two left, I think (Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and Blue Beetle). I’m sure I’m forgetting some.

“Somebody will finally get to the bottom of digital comics sales and we will learn that they are just so-so. The novelty will wear off for most people and the numbers of regular/repeat digital comics buyers (for new comics) will be minimal.”

I haven’t seen much talk about actual numbers, but then I haven’t been following the digital comics news, as you might imagine. I am curious about the amount of overlap between print buyers and digital readers.

“Superman gets his old costume back.”

Hold on…we’ll clearly have to wait for the near-universal negative reaction to the shortsless costume in the new Man of Steel movie before this will happen.

• • •
Former Employee Aaron cruises for some bruises with

“1.Snapper Carr will be the main villain in the next big DC event comic book.”

I assume he’s the power behind the evil throne in any major DC event, snapping behind the scenes.

“2.Cable will come back in some big way. Maybe some secret Michael Turner cover will be revealed.”

Cable came back, but it remains to be see how big a way. Cable and the X-Force sales have not impressed yet so far.

“3.Hellboy will rock your socks!”

Hellboy has not rocked my socks, but he certainly jazzed my cravat.

“4.That Magnet you found at that gas station with the 2012
warning hurriedly scrawled with sharpie? Totally accurate! ;)”

I thought I’d posted a scan of that magnet here, but I guess not. So, I have pulled it off my fridge, where it’s been for the last three years or so, tossed it on the scanner, and here you go…DON’T LOOK DIRECTLY AT IT:

This represents exactly what happened at my house last December 21st, by the way.

• • •
Gordon beheld

“Rumors will begin to swell mid-summer of a DC crossover between the ‘new 52′ universe and the pre-reboot universe, claiming that when Flash ‘combined the timelines’, that spun off a completely separate earth.”

I don’t know if any such rumors spread, but I would have been surprised if any such crossover would have happened this quickly, while they’re still trying to get the New 52 thing off the ground. …I think unless the New 52 starts flopping horribly (and despite what folks might think, it hasn’t reached that point yet) I don’t think DC will start trying to call back alienated fans that desperately. And if they do, I think we can consider that the death knell of DC, given the “this is our last chance” vibe the whole New 52 initiative gives off.

“In addition, DC will focus on the next great franchise: Swamp Thing, choosing to focus on developing movies, toys, and other media. They claim, ‘We should have listened to Mike Sterling sooner – our bad'”

So many people have realized they should have listened to me before it was too late. So many.

• • •
Okay, that’s enough of that. More prediction commentary in the next day or so. Yes, I know you can’t believe how lucky you are.

Your 2012 Predictions, Part One of about Thirty-Eight.

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So for those of you waiting to tune out my website when I started looking at everyone’s predictions from last year, now’s the time, because I’m about to spend a week doing just that. Also, don’t forget that I’m still looking for your 2013 predictions so that next year you all can stop reading my site for a week in January 2014.

Anyway, just hang in there, and it’ll all be over shortly:

Roger Green predicted

“Despite mediocre reviews, the Avengers movie will win its opening weekend box office. But it won’t have legs. I’ll be bored all summer reading about how the movie makers screwed up.”

It certainly won its opening weekend, but it did hang in there and keep on making money like a thing that makes a lot of money, so there you go. However, I didn’t see a whole lot of people going out of their way to criticize the film…I mean, they were out there, of course, but I didn’t get the impression that there were waves upon waves of people itching to tell everyone how terrible the Avengers movie was, unlike, say, Prometheus. (Probably because, after seeing how some fans reacted to someone’s extremely mild critique, nobody wanted to engage with those lunatics.)

I should note that after running my commentary on the film with its deliberately baiting title, I started seeing lots of search engine referrals in my site logs for people looking for “avengers sucked” or “why did captain america suck in the avengers” and that sort of thing, so clearly there’s some kind of stealth Avengers-hating movement out there.

• • •
ExistentialMan foresaw

“1. Marvel will not relaunch its entire line in 2012.”

Well, yeah, technically the whole line didn’t relaunch. But, you know, not for lack of trying. I’m pretty sure Daredevil is keeping its current numbering.

“2. Watchmen 2 will top the sales charts but have little staying power over the long-term beyond the initial trade sales.”

I think the very first issues were ordered in high numbers, but at least for us, they’ve settled down to solid mid-rangers. I am curious to see how trade (or, let’s face it, hardcover) sales will do, though I’m reasonably certain the answer is “not a patch on actual Watchmen sales.”

“3. Mike Sterling’s hair will get even better.”

The pompadour is coming along quite nicely, thank you.

“4. Comics in general (from all publishers) will continue to be awesome all year long.”

I’d certainly like to think so! There’s a lot of good stuff out there. I mean, we’ve got two ongoing Popeye comics! That’s more beauty than we deserve.

• • •
Jay V doth sayeth

“DC’s big event will be a 12 issue mini series called ’12 Funerals and a wedding’. Every issue will feature a different character suffering a grisly fate, and a previously deceased character will be brought back with a new costume. At the end, Wonder Woman and Power Girl get married.”

Marvel’s recent Death of Spider-Man (or…is it?) hijinks did inspire in me the following Tweeterings, which I suppose in retrospect may owe something to this prediction:

I actually like Jay V’s idea more, as it combines the whole death/return thing into one epic series. I suppose it’s only a matter of time.

• • •
Alex worries

“Paolo Rivera drops off of the ongoing Dardevil title; a new artist comes in, and my interest in the title plummets. Mark Waid still writes it solid, but it no longer remains Marvel’s flagship book.”

Rivera’s still on as cover artist, but we’ve had Chris Samnee most of, if not all, of 2012, and he’s not too shabby. Still a good-looking book. Don’t know if it ever really achieved “flagship” status, but it, like Hawkeye, are critically acclaimed, if not top-sellers.

• • •
Michael-Sensei sensed

“I predict that I won’t read any new comics in 2012 but I will still continue to be enthralled and amused by Progressive Ruin.”

I don’t know if he did read any new comics, but surely Progressive Ruin enthralled him, as it enthralls everyone, young and old!

• • •
William Gatevackes soothsays

1. Marvel will retake the market share and Diamond Top 10 from DC.

A quick glance at the last few months’ worth of data from Diamond shows things pretty much neck and neck, with Marvel and DC alternating at the top. There aren’t any year-end numbers yet, nor numbers for December, but I’ll try to make a note of them when Diamond finally releases them.

2. DC will cancel low performing titles and replace them with concepts that didn’t come in the first wave and but people were asking for (Captain Marvel, JSA) and some they might not have (Challengers of the Unknown, Adam Strange)

DC certainly did cancel some of their New 52 relaunches, and one of them replacements was Earth Two, essentially a Justice Society title.

3. Bob Harras will hire more creators from his tenure at Marvel. Most outlandish prediction? Peter David being hired at some point to write Supergirl. Expect J.M. DeMatteis to get work as well.

DeMatteis did work at DC for a while there recently, on Booster Gold around 2009/2010 or so. I don’t think either he or David did anything in 2012 at DC, though I could be wrong. Whether Harras hired anyone else from his Marvel days, I’m not sure…maybe Scott Lobdell?

4. The Dark Knight Rises will earn less money and be less well received critically than The Dark Knight. It will still do great business and be a great movie, but since it didn’t surpass The Dark Knight in grosses and praise, it will be deemed a failure and experience media and Internet backlash.

Domestically, Rises didn’t do well as its predecessor, but overall, including international receipts, it did surpass the second film in ticket sales. At least, according to Box Office Mojo, and they’ve never lied to me before.

And, according to Rotten Tomatoes, Dark Knight is sitting pretty at 94% Fresh, while Rises is at a slightly less pretty 87%. I don’t think anyone considered the third film an outright failure, but it did feel like people were a little more quick to mock elements of this film (like, oh, say, Bane’s voice) than anything from the second film.

5. That being said, Warners will want to lock in plans for the post-Nolan future of the franchise, and will announce a reboot while DKR is still in theaters. A name director such as Sam Raimi or Guy Ritchie will be given the task of rebooting the franchise.

Haven’t heard anything yet, but I would absolutely bet they’re cooking something up behind the scenes right now. We probably won’t hear about it ’til the current sales cycle on the Nolan trilogy is a little closer to being done.

6. It will be announced that the two Marvel films Disney has scheduled for 2014 will not be Guardians of the Galaxy and Inhumans as is rumored. There is a chance neither film will get a spot. The two spots most likely will be taken up by some combination of these three films: A sequel to the Avengers, a sequel to the Incredible Hulk, and/or another reboot of the Punisher franchise.

I hadn’t heard about Inhumans, but if it includes Lockjaw, I’m all for it. It does seem like Guardians is a go, though, so it seems unlikely anything’s going to bounce it at this point.

I suspect a new Hulk film is probably in the offing even though it’s probably best just to save him for another Avengers movie, though again, I haven’t heard anything. I also think we’re pretty much done with Punisher movies for the time being. Why there isn’t a Punisher series on AMC or something, I have no idea.

7. Warners will push another long in the works DC property in to active development. Either Flash, Captain Marvel or Swamp Thing.

Word is going around again that Guillermo Del Toro still wants to do something with DC’s creepy characters, including our pal Swamp Thing. And I thought they were toying with the idea of a Captain Marvel movie…I thought one of the reasons for the name change to “Shazam” was to improve marketing/licensing issues and avoid conflict with Marvel Comics. …I’m not sure I’d want to see a Captain Marvel movie where he isn’t called “Captain Marvel” anyway. Yeah, I’m a reactionary fanboy like that.

8. Every article written about digital comics will mention somewhere that the death of paper comics is imminent. But paper comics will survive the year. There will be more of a focus on digital-only content that is vital to continuity, however, to try and convince more readers to migrate there.

Paper comics: still here! I haven’t seen any attempt to force readers into the digital realm, though Marvel is still doing that “Augmented Reality” stuff and I have no idea who that’s doing.

9. The film world will have a quieter presence at SDCC this year, a sign of an inevitable shift of focus from Hollywood back to comics.

Going by my extremely vague and imprecise recollections, it did seem like there was less talk about the general media presence at Comic Con than before, though I don’t know if it was only slightly less, or if I just didn’t pay attention to SDCC news this year. I barely even noticed that it happened, frankly.

10. NYCC, however, will experience an upswing of movie companies peddling their wares, especially studios with big holiday releases.

Someone who was at that con will have to tell me what their perception was, I think. A quick Googling reveals plenty of comics content, and even the panels on TV shows that show up were those based on comics (aside from the Firefly thing). But my general impression is that there wasn’t too much out-of-place studio content there. …If you’re laughing out loud at that assumption, please correct me!

• • •
Steve adumbrated the following

“1) More than 90% of the comics released each week will be released the same day in digital and print.”

I don’t think we’re at the 90% mark yet, since a lot of the indies aren’t doing simultaneous digital releases, but the Big Two and a couple of the Not-So-Big larger indies are. So, I guess that day is coming.

“2) Marvel will not copy the New 52 in terms of either rebooting their continuity or relaunching their whole line.”

Well, Marvel kinda/sorta followed DC’s lead here, in restarting purt’near everything, but the old continuity, such as it is, is still in place.

“3) Marvel and/or DC will launch an ongoing book based in the continuity of one or more of their movies.”

There was a mini-series or two Marvel cranked out that took place in their movie continuity, but nothing really ongoing, as such. The first issue of Avengers Assemble, at least, did feature all the characters from the Avengers film, though still in the regular Marvel Universe, I think.

There are the usual comics based on the TV shows, however, like Smallville and Arrow and Ultimate Spider-Man and whatever that one is called based on the Avengers cartoon.

“4) A front-of-Previews publisher will experiment with digital prices lower than print. (I mean, aside from those cases where print is $3.50 and digital is $2.99 because iTunes only likes prices ending in 99 cents.)”

Doesn’t seem like it yet, from my brief research, but it could be I missed something. I know there are regular deep discount sales on digital comics from time to time, but that seems to be mostly older material, not the brand new releases. …Again, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

“5) A group of higher-profile Big Two writers and artists will publish creator-owned work through a new imprint at an existing publisher.”

It seems like a lot of high-profile talent is simply doing their own thing. If you meant, like, an Image-style exodus from the Big Two…not that I’ve seen, but it certainly feels like it could happen at any moment.

• • •
Birdman cawed

“A lot of the independent titles that have been making strong inroads into the market will be wooed by the Big 2.
D.C. will use those titles to launch another ‘Vertigo’ line to keep up the ‘New 52′ charade, but develop other titles not in continuity to keep fan base happy.”

I haven’t seen DC or Marvel going after specific indie titles, though it seems like they’re always keeping an eye out for any creators that may grab their interest. Also, I don’t think DC is in a position to launch another imprint, as Vertigo itself may be on the ropes. I do notice DC publishing several out-of-DCU-continuity books, licensed material or stuff like Lot 13, which simply have the DC logo on them and aren’t part of their own line.

• • •
Mike Nielsen prophesied:

“1) We still will not have a collection of the Miracleman stories that everybody wants.”

Nope, of course not. I haven’t heard any news on Marvel’s Marvelman front in, like, forever. Let’s get those hardcovers out, already.

“2) Showcase Presents Tomahawk will be announced.”

Not yet, those jerks.

“3) There will be a crackdown on internet piracy from Marvel and/or DC. And it won’t really change anything.”

Seeing as how scans of Amazing Spider-Man #700 were up on the filesharing sites a week ahead of its release (when stores got the issues shipped early due to the holidays, and were asked to hold them for the following week’s on-sale day), if there is a crackdown on Internet piracy going on, it’s not cracking hard enough.

• • •
Okay, come back…oh, probably Thursday for more of my enthralling responses. I’LL BE DONE SOON, I PROMISE.

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