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Yes, that’s supposed to be a cake with 48 flaming candles. Also, best wishes to my blogging-and-birthday brother, pal Andrew, whose own cake is almost certainly illuminated by tiny mushroom clouds.


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(Additional data may be located here.)

And a happy non-47th birthday to fellow blog trekker pal Andrew!


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And I wish the most atomic of happy birthdays to my blogging brother, the blastedly brilliant Andrew Weiss!


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• • •


“Hi Father.”


“Listen, son…you were out all night. Where were ya?”




“That’s cool. Listen, do you want to smoke a doobie with your old man?”


“No thanks, Dad. It’s 10:15 in the morning!”


“Your loss.”


“I’ll split it with my lawyer!”



Source. Also, happy birthday to blogging brother pal Andrew, who is hip and cool despite not yet being 45.


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Happy birthday also to pal Andrew, whose impending decrepitude is just slightly farther away than my own.


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Happy birthday to my blogging birthday brother Andrew, and a slightly belated birthday to Caleb who, I discovered in the midst of putting this post together, did a similar thing for his own birthday. I wasn’t copying him, honest! Also, thanks to the Grand Comics Database, which I totally abused for this thing.

Another sign of age is saying “I can dig it.”

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So it is once again Black Friday, that one big sales day of the year where the giant retailers sell, oh, I don’t know, 75-inch LED flat screens for a dollar and a trashcan full of Blu-rays for 50 cents (one flat screen and one bucket per customer, please) and little Mom ‘n’ Pop ‘n’ Nerd stores like our own watch tumbleweeds bounce down the empty streets while everyone is at Best*Mart or Walfry’s or wherever, waiting for that time late in December when people have finally devoured everything at the malls and their search patterns spiral out in the forbidden countries, where live stores that only exist in that one spot and not franchised across this great land of ours.

Er, okay, it’s not as bad as all that. We have a big sale all weekend, and our sales usually do pretty well, so I’m not too worried about that. But it does seem the focus is on giving money to the big guys, while the little guys gotta wait their turn, and…you know, I can dig it. In this economy, you’ve got to grab the deals where you can and stretch your dollars as best you’re able, so I completely understand. However, don’t forget your pals in the outlands away from the malls and the big-box stores…we’ve got some deals too, maybe, so after you get your two X-Station 180s for the price of one, drop by the shop and buy a graphic novel…for BIG BIG SAVINGS.

Also, come by and see my head full of totally naturally brown and not dyed at all hair turn grey again. That’ll probably be fun.

• • •

Speaking of my accelerating decline into decrepitude: I’ve been processing a pretty sizable amount of underground comix at the shop over the last few days…a collection that included several issues of Vaughn Bodé’s Junkwaffel. And every time I see issues of Vaughn Bodé’s Junkwaffel I think the exact same thing: “hmmm, I need to buy these for my own collection.” Which, of course, I did when I looked at the copies in this particular assortment I was working on.

Well, going through a box in the Vast Mikester Comic Archive, what did I find?

A run of recent printings of Junkwaffel issues 1 through 4, so I already have them. BONUS: I talked about them on this very site back in ’04. …Well, like they say, memory’s the second thing to go, right after breakdancing skills.

However, I am reasonably certain I don’t have the magazine-sized fifth issue, which is also in this collection, so perhaps I’ll be getting a copy of Junkwaffel out of this after all.

(CUT TO two weeks later:

“Oh, man, I already have six of these!”

throws Junkwaffel #5 into the extras box)


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from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy #3 (1993) by Douglas Adams
adapted by John Carnell & Steve Leialoha

Sluggo Saturday #45, Birthday #41.

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from The Best of Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy (1988) – thanks to pal Andres


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