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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all my readers…thanks for sticking with me!

image from Limited Collectors’ Edition #C-24 (1973)

On the Zeroth Day of Christmas, a stuffed bull gave to me…

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…this 1986 Love and Rockets comic shop store hours sign featuring illos by Jaime Hernandez:

Just arrived in the mail, courtesy a little bull stuffed with Christmas cheer! How did a little tiny bull like Bully manage to wrap this package with this hooves and get it into a mailbox all by himself? IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

This is what DC Comics missed out on by not handing Swamp Thing over to me.

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So I’ve joked around the shop a handful of times that if I were in charge of Swamp Thing comics, it would totally be just Swamp Thing time-traveling every issue, visiting important characters and events through the DC Universe’s history. (In other words, sorta like the Veitch issues in the middle of this page, but more like this series, just with a muck-encrusted mockery of a man as the lead.)

One of the covers I suggested for this theoretical run (Swamp Thing Adventures in Time and Space, if I may) would have been a take-off on this classic Chaykin cover from 1983:

…but with our pal Swampy in the cockpit.

Well, this Christmas, in secret collusion, Employee Timmy bade Employee Aaron to create this illustration as a gift for me:

I’m telling you, DC…call me. I’ll even buy the boy a ruler to keep his swastikas straight.

Merry Christmas and / or Happy Holidays to all my readers.

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from Maxwell the Magic Cat Volume III (1987) by Alan Moore

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my readers.

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drawing by pal Casie

I hope that’s not covered in an actual reindeer skin.

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from Spinach Greetings! (1960)

“This panther needs FOOD!!”

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from Pink Panther Vol. 2 #5 (March 1994)

Merry Christmas from the year 1974.

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Yup, that’s five-year-old me in a plaid outfit and red turtleneck…ladies.

Happy holidays to all you folks out there, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Sometimes you just have to link to a page of sound clips from a Pete Puma cartoon.

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Given to me by Employee Aaron is this fine example of science journalism:

He’s a card, that former employee Aaron.

And given by me to pal Dorian was a bottle o’hooch with a custom label featuring Dor’s favorite character. You can see the actual bottle at Dor’s site, and right here is a better look at the label itself:

In other news:

  • Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull, is just about to wrap up 365 Days of Hank McCoy, but get a load of this new thing: 365 Days with The Guy Freaking Out on the Cover of Action Comics #1. Fantastic.
  • It’s time once again for another installment of Nobody Else’s Favorites…gimme a D!
  • Here’s the full original art for a very depressing Christmas story, illustrated by Rick Veitch and written by the late Steve Perry.
  • For no good reason whatsoever, Employee Aaron and I like doing impressions of the relatively little-used Warner Brothers character Pete Puma (as voiced, back in the ’50s and even ’til today by Stan Freberg). And that’s why I’m posting this page of clips from the Pete Puma cartoon “Rabbit’s Kin.” Enjoy.
  • P-Tor over at Sanctum Sanctorum informs me that there is are a series of fundraising auctions for Bill Mantlo, the former comics writer who was seriously injured years ago, and now needs full-time medical care. All the pieces feature Rom, and some of the contributing artists include Zack Soto and Mike Allred. You can also the see the artwork here.

The problem with writing really short posts is that it can leave me stuck for a title.

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I’m taking the day off from blogging, since I’ve had a long Christmas day and can use a bit of a break, but not before telling you that pal Dorian‘s present for me was a Jemm, Son of Saturn action figure (as discussed previously and reviewed here). At long last, I can reenact all of Jemm’s dozen or so appearances in the privacy of my own home! Without having to dress up as Jemm myself, might I add.

I hope everyone had a good holiday, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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