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It was hard to find panels from this Archie comic that Chris Sims didn’t already post…I think.

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So anyway, I read Afterlife with Archie #1, in which the zombie menace invades Riverdale, and now I think I’ve gone mad:

Also, the comic is fantastic. Beautifully illustrated by Francesco Francavilla, and written by Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa in such a way that the Riverdale zombie apocalypse actually makes sense within the Archie universe. Well, “makes sense” in that the entire comic is completely bonkers, but it’s a good kind of bonkers and I totally recommend it. Now, I have (as I write this) about ten hours to decide if I’m going to rack with the rest of the Archie comics on the “Fun for All Ages” shelves because I’m an awful person, or keep it separate from them because this really is a dark and gruesome (and yet fascinating) book. Well…we’ll see.

In other news…in case you were wondering where my current sidebar pic came from, here you go, straight from the Grand Comics Database:

I will bet 20 quatloos that the story is nowhere as amazing as that cover. (Another 10 quatloos that the story in no way even resembles that cover.)

Speaking of bookmarks….

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1987 bookmark, found in a book purchased at a garage sale. The Bat-ears are a little worn, but still, woe betide any master criminal who dares try to lose someone’s place!

“Allied with a vampire?! It’s a…funny war!”

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While issues #77, #78 and #79 of Marvel Comics Presents contain chapters from Barry Windsor-Smith’s “Weapon X” serial, which is the primary reason anyone 1) bought those comics, and 2) remembers them now, I would suggest that you not overlook the three part Sgt. Fury / Dracula team-up titled “Rumanian Rumble” that runs in those same issues:

Yes, Sgt. Fury, the Howling Commandos, and Dracula, teaming up to fight Nazis. …I don’t consider that a spoiler, I consider that incentive.

So my recommendation to you: dig these comics out of your long boxes, or go buy ‘em as back issues, and read this story. And if the clerk at the shop says “oh, hey, this Windsor-Smith Wolverine story is awesome,” you look him straight in the eye and you tell him “Brother, you don’t know from awesome.”

Also, there’s a back cover on #79 by Mike Mignola, and here’s the relevant portion of it:

Mostly, I’m just posting that to get Mignola Fan #1 Former Employee Aaron to buy it. But you should buy it, too. I mean, c’mon:


images from Marvel Comics Presents #78 & #79 (1991) by Doug Murray, Tom Lyle & Joe Rubinstein – back cover detail from #79 by Mike Mignola