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And now, a picture of Jughead skating, for all of your Jughead skating picture needs.

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from Laugh #106 (January 1960)

And now, Jughead catching what I can only hope and pray are hot dogs and hamburger patties.

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from Jughead #224 (January 1974)

And now, Archie dressed as pretty much every dude who’s ever appeared on “The Voice.”

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from Archie #299 (December 1980) – art by Dan DeCarlo

Today’s Progressive Ruin will be performed by the following:

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Having a little back trouble at the moment, so less writin’, more scannin’, such as the above from Reggie and Me #56 (July 1972). Was going to just post that, since there’s a lot to unpack here (I mean, that’s at least two poop jokes in Betty’s entry) but I couldn’t leave you without showing you The Ringoe Kid in all his glory:

Oh my goodness gracious.

Ask and I shall receive.

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Reader Steve from Palm Springs saw the subject line to yesterday’s post featuring his image, and realized that there was a need that had to be filled:

That we live in a world with sights such as these.

Looking forward to reading “Arcane and Me.”

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Courtesy reader Steve from Palm Springs, who went above and beyond the call of duty to produce this for my benefit, and now for your benefit too:

Gaze upon it and weep, for you have never before witnessed such beauty.

Thanks, Steve! Now if only it were a real comic….

“Say, what kind of noise do you loud musical pigs make?”

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image from Laugh #293 (August 1975)

Also, giving yourself a nickname is never a good look, says the guy calling himself “Mikester” online for, like, decades now.

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So Archie, the fella who usually has two or more pretty young gals pursuing him at any given time, gets some unsolicited advice on how to handle women from a guy who clearly knows what he’s talking about:

Archie being Archie, he of course takes this advice, laying his cool new ‘tude and his new hairstyle on Veronica:

Surprisingly, it doesn’t work like it does for the Fo–excuse me, for “Funzee,” so the Arch moves on to his next supposed conquest, Betty:

…whose father has the appropriate reaction:

Archie isn’t a complete dummy, however, and abandons his attempt at TV star coolness, just in time for his ironic comeuppance:

Aw, poor guy. Don’t worry, Arch, your time will come soon enough:


images from Archie Giant Series #461 (September 1977) – also reprinted in the Archie Americana Best of the Seventies trade paperback

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my readers.

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image from Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica #109 (January 1965)

Angrier about the damaged product than he is afraid of the hideous infernal beast born of the pit roaming his aisles.

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In other news, Veronica has got herself some of that Spider-Man eyeliner:

“Here, try some of our other ‘eye fantasy’ styles, most of which will probably not result in any sort of permanent blindness. We recommend Style 4 in the bottom right corner, ‘Scrambled Eggs and Painted Fingernails.'”

Everyone say hello to Alphonse:


images from Hot Stuff The Little Devil #118 (September 1973) and Laugh #208 (June 1968)

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