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While part of me likes the idea of Sivana first encountering Mr. Mind as a tequila bottle worm, the rest of me realizes this is an idea probably best forgotten.

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from Shazam! The New Beginning #4 (July 1987) by Roy & Dann Thomas and Tom Mandrake

(For the nitpickers, here’s Cecil explaining the whole Tequila worm thing.)

I am reasonably certain that I shouldn’t be reading anything untoward at all into this panel with women mocking tiny men.

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from Adventure Comics #326 (November 1964) by Jerry Siegel, John Forte & George Klein
reprinted in Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 3 (1993)

(Yes, I know that’s technically the same woman, Triplicate Girl, and not “women,” exactly. Kinda. Sorta. …It’s a long story, at any rate.)

This just kind of seems like a bad idea from the get-go.

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from DC Special Series #26 (Summer 1981) by Roy Thomas, Ross Andru & Romeo Tanghal

Dick Giordano (1932 – 2010).

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So long, Mr. Giordano. You sure were a great funnybook artist.

(Here’s a brief appreciation of the Jonni Thunder AKA Thunderbolt series he drew, before I started complaining about how it was printed.)

EDIT: Tom Spurgeon has an overview of the man’s career.

Pic from Detective Comics #500, March 1981.

Sluggo Saturday #47.

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from The Best of Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy (1988) – thanks to pal Andres

“Featuring Swamp Thing!”

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I posted a picture of this a while back, a blurry image from an auction I happened to spot on the eBay. However, with a whole lotta thanks to Reader Bob, who just happened to have a spare copy of this layin’ about, I now have my very own copy:

This is a magazine-sized 1980 Australian reprint of issues 15 through 18 of the original Swamp Thing series, written by David Michelinie and drawn by Nestor Redondo. The stories are in black and white, which makes for a nice showcase for Redondo’s beautiful linework:

Wrapping up the package is a Rip Hunter Time Master story and, inside the back cover, the poem “Slogging Through The Swamp on a Murky Evening” written by Swampy’s creator Len Wein.

Thanks for the neat item, Bob! And thank you, Murray!

Progressive Ruin Industries is undergoing a technical upgrade…

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…so no post today, friends.

(Actually, I just got a new computer, and I’d been so intent on the process of getting everything reinstalled and transferred from the old computer and blah blah blah suddenly it’s “oh, hello, sometime after midnight!”

Hopefully everything will be back to normal tomorrow. And that my scanner will still work. EEP!)

Continuing this week’s boxing theme.

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So I was leafing through a copy of Marvel’s ’70s pop culture mag Pizzazz (in particular, the July 1978 issue with the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band movie cover feature), when I happened upon the section where readers submitted their own cover designs for the magazine.

And get a load of this:

Folks, I believe that is the Hulk and Darth Vader squaring off in the boxing ring.

Well, okay, Vader is a bit indistinct, considering I’m blowing this image up from a much tinier picture…it could be, I don’t know, the Phantom Blot or something. But c’mon, it was the ’70s, and look…that’s gotta be Darth’s helmet:



And now, the greatest sculpture ever created in the long history of humankind.

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More spectacular than Mount Rushmore! More arms than the Venus de Milo! More stylish clothing than Michelangelo’s David! Slightly more boxing than the Rocky statue! Harder than Claes Oldenburg’s Soft Toilet! It’s the pinnacle of human achievement:


It’s being produced to tie into the long-awaited rerelease of the classic Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali treasury edition, coming in a regular sized deluxe edition with a new cover and unpublished art, and a facsimile edition with the original cover, and printed at its original size.

It’s Superman and Muhammad Ali teaming up to fight an alien invasion. With boxing. Drawn by Neal Adams at his absolute peak. It’s the perfect comic book.

…Why, yes, I do like this comic, why do you ask?

The frosting of justice should be applied evenly.

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So this past Sunday was employee Timmy’s last day of working here at the shop, as he leaves us to pursue his dream of becoming a professional flamenco dancer. As a result, the Official Comic Shop In-House Baker and Morale Chief pal Dana brought us the above spongy delight in honor of Tim’s firing leaving. A little bit of the icing came off in transit, which you can see on the wax paper there, but that’s okay as Batcake is too busy fighting culinary crime to worry about such niceties as a flawless fondant. And Tim and his pals certainly liked the cake well enough, as they basically inhaled it before poor ol’ Mike could get a bite. But, that’s okay, since 1) I’m still sick, and 2) I’m still working on the phalanx of cupcakes Dana gave me for my birthday.

I’m pretty sure Dana is fattening us up for something nefarious. Well, good luck with Timmy, since he has the metabolism of a hummingbird, but just typing the word “cupcakes” made me gain three pounds, so I’m clearly an easy mark for whatever she’s planning.

Anyway, while at the store Dana said that while she was putting it together, she was pondering what flavor a Batman cake should actually should be. She decided on chocolate, but I told her a Batcake could only have the flavor of justice. (You know, whatever that tastes like. Probably something with blueberries.)

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